Rock Love Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

7 Jul


Prepare yourselves for the photo dump of the century! We have tons* of amazing photos from the wedding that we want to share, so we’re breaking them down in a few posts. This one features the ceremony, and we’ve included the text from ours — what our officiant said, what we said in our vows, the reading we had our friend Monte do, and the speeches** later in the evening from our dads. Thanks for sharing in our memories, and stay tuned for more amazing photos (featuring serious dance face***).

*634 to be exact, from our incredible photographer Stefano.

**The next few posts will be very picture heavy, but this one’s a lot of words, since we have all the speeches in here, but we’ll try to space it out with some great ceremony pics as well, so stick with us. 

***There are so many ridiculous pictures of all of us making hilarious sweaty dance faces that it made me wish we could get a professional photographer for all our parties.


We’re gathered here to celebrate the love between Zack and Caitlin. Four and a half years ago, these two serendipitously got on the same shuttle bus. It was just across this field, as Austin City Limits was winding down, and they’d both had enough of The Eagles. Zack was seated in front of Caitlin and her bridesmaid Melissa and interjected when they couldn’t remember the name of a band. Caitlin recognized him and tapped him on the shoulder when they exited the bus. They flirted. She gave him a ride home. He asked for her number. You know this part. Edward illustrated it beautifully on the wedding website.


The next four and a half years were full of adventures and misadventures that brought them ever closer together. A first date at the Parish, the same rock club we’re at tonight. Dressing up as The White Stripes together for Halloween just three weeks to the day after they met. Saying I love you for the first time the night before venturing to San Antonio so Zack could meet Caitlin’s dad over Thanksgiving. Introducing Zack to the magic of Christmas traditions, like watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” every Christmas Eve and Charlie Brown all season long. Introducing Caitlin to Chanukah traditions like potato latkes, overly sweet wine and a big game of dreidel with friends.


Before long they moved in together, turning Zack and Bryn’s bachelor pad (which was previously decorated with Lone Star beer caps and fantasy football draft boards) into a home. They painted the walls of the guest room three shades of blue and called it the rock garden. They filled their shelves with records and their walls with live music posters. Once the apartment was to their liking, they filled it with Scooby, who Zack and Caitlin like to describe as the dog equivalent of Zack. A rambunctious goofball who lives for adventure, long walks and treats, is known to get too excited for his own good, but, at the end of the day, just wants to cuddle.


Before they started saving for a wedding and honeymoon, Zack and Caitlin saved up for a year to take a couple weeks in Europe, where Caitlin showed Zack her college stomping grounds of Freiburg, Germany. She led him on an incredible bike ride through the Black Forest, but later fell off her bike on a street near their hostel, foreshadowing Zack’s recent misadventures. They were overwhelmed in the best possible ways in Paris, enjoying every morsel of food and view of the Eiffel Tower. They had their first relaxing stretch of vacation ever in Venice, watching Italian TV in bed with a bottle of red sparkling wine and walking along the canals before barely making it into Rome and getting stranded at midnight without a place to stay. It was there that they came together, pushed through adversity and found their way, dragging their luggage through the street, with Caitlin taking charge and leading them to a hostel when Zack was ready to give up. He’d later tell her this was when he knew for sure he was going to marry her.


Back in Austin they set out pursuing new hobbies together and separately. Caitlin continued freelance writing while getting promoted over and over at work as Zack went from a casual cyclist and swimmer to a dedicated triathlete. Zack would read all of Caitlin’s stories and encourage her, and Caitlin would come to all of Zack’s races and help him train. And after watching Turner & Hooch on the flight to Europe and “The Money Pit” when they got home, they decided to watch every Tom Hanks movie in order and write about their differing opinions, keeping a tally of how often they laughed, cried or how many times Caitlin had to cover her eyes.


Now, surrounded by friends and loved ones, Caitlin and Zack will start a whole new adventure together. They’ll take everything they’ve learned together and everything they love about each other, and create a beautiful and permanent new family. Whether their future roads lead to New York, Scotland, or just around the corner in East Austin, they’ll travel them together, with songs in their heads and love in their hearts. To talk a little more about the wonders of love, Zack and Caitlin have asked their good friend Monte to come up and read a passage from Rob Sheffield’s Turn Around Bright Eyes. Monte, will you please come forward?


Being part of a couple is the most mysterious of human experiences, and yet nobody really seems to get how it works. Nobody knows how good love goes bad, or the more baffling question of how good love goes good. You often hear the words ‘they finish each other’s sentences,’ yet I’ve never been able to understand why this is supposed to be a good thing. In my experience, trying to finish a woman’s sentence means taking your life in your hands, and if someone finishes one of mine, it’s usually ‘I’ve heard this one’ or ‘Sorry, dude, you lost me when you compared Bell Biv DeVoe to Alfred, Lord Tennyson’ or ‘Your head is so far up your ass right now you could play your prostate like a kazoo.’ 


Another thing people say in praise of couplehood is ‘She calls me on my bullshit.’ Again, I’m not sure why that’s a positive thing. I, for one, have zero trouble finding people to call me on my bullshit, especially since my bullshit is not really the hard-to-notice kind. I can barely walk around the block without getting called on my bullshit. (Today, for example, I went down the street to Uro Cafe for a coffee and two of my fellow pedestrians snickered at what I was wearing. But since that was a hot-pink T-shirt for a band called Nuclear Power Pants, I can’t blame them.) So that old phrase is still not really a sufficient description of how people live together successfully.

There is a lot about love I will never know, just because I have bene lucky in love. Everyone I’ve fallen for has been a solid gold, true-blue good person, someone who was kind and admirable, whether we got along at the time or not. So I have no idea what it’s like to be cheated, mistreated, played, betrayed, used, abused, lied to, painted blue, led astray, walked this way, shot through the heart, sliced apart, run over with a Dodge Dart, deceived by the deception of which she was practiced at the art, etc.Caitlin-Zack-W-280

Sometimes this makes me miserable about how much I’ve missed out on, as a music fan. There are lonesome songs I can sing along with, and happy songs and desperate songs and angry songs and dumped songs that have been near to my heart at one time or another. There are ‘ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?’ songs and ‘tangled up in blue’ songs and ‘good lovin’ gone bad’ songs and ‘prayin’ for the end of time so I can end my time with you’ songs. All those songs I’ve lived out for a night or three. But songs about falling in love with someone mean who does you wrong and treats you like dirt—those are science fiction to me. I sing along with them the way I sing along with songs about robbing banks or shooting up with Andy Warhol or knowing how to dance.


But if I’m being honest, the things that bring couples together will always terrify me more than the things that tear us apart. They will always be the harder to explain. They will always keep me up later. Love gone wrong has inspired so many great songs, but somehow, love going right is what’s bizarre. It exposes deep freakcraft in the universe. As far as I’m concerned, ‘some people are very kind’ is the scariest line Bob Dylan ever wrote. Compared to that, his breakup songs are kid stuff. Some people are  very kind and there’s nothing in the universe to explain why.

It’s a mystery how people lose each other — but to me, it’s an even stranger mystery we manage to stay together, or to collide together at all. And that’s the part I’m always more curious about.” – Rob Sheffield

And now, the exchange of vows. Zack?


To my dearest Caitlin.

When I first met you, the first thing I noticed about you was what a strikingly beautiful, tall lovely woman you are. Every minute that passed since that fateful night in October, you showed me more of the wonder that is you. Your fun, impulsive spirit when you danced with strangers in a banana suit on that first walk to your car. The way you could talk knowledgeably about music and festivals and loved the little thrills in life, like cranking up music while driving so everyone could hear what you heard. The shy adorable way you told me you weren’t dating anyone. For the next four and a half years, you’ve shown me more and more of yourself and every bit of it opened me up to you and made me fall more in love.


But the reason I love you and need you in my life so much goes beyond the fact that you’re a beautiful, intelligent, incredibly caring woman. It goes beyond the fact that you’re honest and loyal and compassionate to every living creature. It goes beyond how deeply you care about the social injustices in the world, how much you value integrity and respect for all things.


The thing I love the most about you is how we fit together, how you make me feel about myself and about my place in the world with you. They say opposites attract, and those that only know surface details about us would think it’s a bit ridiculous to call us opposites. We’re two music lovers who come from two loving families, went to big state schools, and even work at Apple on the same floor together. We have the same values, tons of similar interests and passions, but if you know us, you know how different we can be. While I can be overly impulsive, care free and a risk taker, you are more measured, thoughtful, a bit of a worrier who values her safety and comfort. It’s these little differences that help us bring out the best in each other. Motivating each other to step outside our comfort zones, to try new things or maybe re-think some riskier decisions. I would have never saved for Europe or gotten a dog or explored so many facets of myself without you.


In so many ways, you challenge, inspire and motivate me to be a better person every single day. To put others first. To be a better writer. To apply myself at work and at my hobbies. You lead by example and character and those around you can’t help but be inspired. The way you move about the world, the way you put your whole self into everything you do, the way you prepare and execute with hard work and care and skill. It’s something special that needs to be celebrated and admired. The way you always think about how to make your friends and family and co-workers feel special and cared for. The way you are so loving and gentle with our Scooby.


And while all these things are important, above all, you make me happy being with you. I may start work at 6 am, but my day doesn’t really start until 8:40 when I see you walk off the elevator, arms full of supplies for you to kick the day’s ass, and walk towards me at the coffee machine for a hug. My day doesn’t end until you flip me a Scooby treat and he climbs all over us digging for treats, I hug you, scratch your arm and tell you I love you. And in between that early morning hug and late night arm scratch, I’m the luckiest guy in the world because I get to spend as much time as possible, talking to and being with you. And now I get to do that forever. I do have a few vows to ensure I’m always working to make the marriage as great as it can be. Please hold me to them.


I vow to keep making you mix CDs and getting you flowers so your nose and ears are always happy.

I vow to motivate you to make sure you keep reaching for your dreams, whether that’s going back to school to get an advanced degree or starting your own company or anything your heart desires, I’ll encourage you to go for it.


I vow to listen to your wildest fears and validate you for having them. If that means looking into whether horses can get rabies in Belize or if it’s legal to park next to street lights without getting a ticket, I’ll do it without teasing you.


I vow to travel the world with you, seeking out places to visit or live. Whether we move to New York City in a tiny apartment, seeing plays and concerts and eating at new restaurants every night, or start a B&B in Scotland with acres of land and a dozen dogs, or work in Ireland, and, I dunno what happens in Ireland, but I’m up for it. And I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen for us.

I’m up for any and everything life has to offer us, as long as I’m with you, my love.


My sweetest Zack,

I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world to be standing here with you today. In fact, I still can’t really believe I was lucky enough to even meet you. If I had given the universe a list of qualities I needed in my perfect man, I wouldn’t have come close to the perfection that you are to me.

There’s the fact that we share a special language — that we can communicate through musical mixes and sultry renditions of The Price Is Right theme. When you asked me to be your girlfriend by playing me a mix with 12 songs about boyfriends and girlfriends, I knew I had found the love of my life.


There’s the fact that, when I met you, you worked part-time as a Nanny. Your sweetness with both human children and our fur baby, coupled with your dance moves and dad jokes, fill me with warmth. I know you are going to be an amazing father.

It’s how loyal you are to your friends, and the great efforts you make to keep them for a lifetime. It’s how you knew to get me Sound of Silver and Kurt Vonnegut for my 24th birthday, knowing far better than I how much I needed those things in my life — and how open you are to my passions. You are my light and my love, and I am so glad you let me give you a ride home.


As we start this new adventure together, I want to make you these promises:

  • I will support you when you are hurting, even when it is from enjoying SXSW a little too much.
  • I will walk the dog at least 40% of the time.
  • I will be a patient, strong and fiercely devoted parent and partner, and I will try my hardest not to worry too much.
  • I will roll with the punches and try to find the good in everyone and everything, because as long as you’re with me, I have someone great.
  • I will support your dreams and passions, wherever they take you.
  • I will be a Bulls fan.
  • I will love you, unconditionally, with all my heart.


I know our future together will be filled with world travels, many more music festivals, wonderful friends, and a beautiful family. I am so grateful to share this future with you — there is no one else I’d rather have by my side.


Gene’s speech

Fantastic …. What a moving tribute! Compiled by Zack with assistance from Caitlin, and a masterful editing job by Caitlin’s brother Edward.


I believe Sara is here in spirit with her unwavering love for Zack. She also would have been somewhat nervous for Zack today. It reminds me of the first time Zack pitched in a little league game. Sara was more nervous than Zack. She came over to me and said he’s got a solo, I hope he had enough rehearsal. I said don’t worry, I set it up so he’s facing the bottom of the batting order.

Welcome!!! Thanks to everyone who traveled far and at significant expense to be here to share Caitlin and Zack’s wedding.

Caitlin, we are thrilled to officially welcome you to our family. To anyone who has witnessed Zack and Caitlin together it’s evident they love and adore each other. What a pair, blogging, posting in red and blue … never change!Caitlin-Zack-W-413

Zachary Hirsch is version 4.0 of the Teibloom male, descended from his great-grandfather, Hirsch Teibloom who he is named for. Zack’s personality is a blend of the best attributes of his sweet mother and a father who has loved him with all his heart before he was even born. As Zack has noted, when he attended his first concert in utero, the Beach Boys on Miami Beach, maybe he was feeling those good vibrations.


As a little boy Zack was somewhat of a prodigy; reading before he was 3, always a kind, sharing, loving child who grew into a loving young man who now will make a great husband. To illustrate his compassion and sensitivity, when my business partner Steve died, Zack drove to Chicago from Bloomington to be with me. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me and how proud I was that Zack as still a college student was so in tune with the needs of othersCaitlin-Zack-W-418I will always cherish the wonderful times Zack and I spent together; especially at the Baseball Hall of Fame, ballparks across the country, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on a number of occasions, the Pro Football Hall of Fame for Dan Marino’s induction, to the World Series in Tampa and that historic night in Grant Park in 2008. There are also wonderful tales that can be told later or some other time on request that end with Zack saying, maybe he was invisible, another that ended with uhhuh, and the classic, come on, really. Yes, Zack, really. Indeed!


The happiest times of my life were seeing Zack and Suzy grow into the wonderful adults they are today. I couldn’t be prouder. That Zack and Caitlin will be blissfully happy, much like Suzy and Sky; what more could you hope for. I love you all so much.


Zack and Caitlin, as Steve Jobs said, think different. Follow your dreams, reach for the stars, and never be afraid to go for it. As Steve also noted, remember it’s the crazy ones that can change the world.


Finally, as Zack is the last Teibloom male with the ability to carry on the family name, I gotta go Luca Brasi, may your first child be a masculine child. ….. Let’s raise our glasses as we toast Zack and Caitlin … here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness.

Lance’s speech:


Knowing I would have a few minutes to talk about Caitlin, I quickly discovered I had far too many things to say— years and years of shared mosies, memories and adventures. It further occurred to me that this is a celebration of Caitlin and Zack, and NOT Lance’s trip down Once Upon a Time Lane- however tempting that might be.

So I have self-censored, and will be brief, and not dwell on how beautiful, clever, courageous, creative, hard-working, intelligent, kind and thoughtful my Catbaloo is; though all of these are facets of the jewel who is the best daughter any father could hope for.

Instead, I would like to focus for a moment on something I saw again and again as I was looking through 28 years of photographs — and that is Caitlin’s capacity for joy. It shines from her eyes in picture after picture, from pumpkin costume to bridal veil, from infant to adult; exhilaration in being there. In music, dance, science projects, travel, conversations, interviews — in everything she does. Caitlin lives in and loves what she is doing. She inhabits it.

Caitlin-Zack-W-430This embrace of the joy of living makes her a very special person, makes Zack one supremely lucky guy, and is part of the reason I love you, very, very much.

The Thank You Speech:


We can’t thank you all enough for being here with us today, whether you live on 6th street two miles east of here, like we do, or if you flew 7,500 miles from New Zealand like Caitlin’s Aunt Faith and cousin Shannon. We have family and friends here from Chicago, California, Kansas, Michigan, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, New York and all over Texas. It means the world to us that you traveled here to make this weekend special.

We wanted to single out a few special people who we couldn’t have done this without. So many of you pitched in with help both small and enormous, all essential, while still allowing and encouraging us to keep our vision of what we wanted this wedding to be. We know and appreciate how rare that is.


First to Big Mike for becoming an officiant and leading the ceremony today. Without him this would just be an expensive party. Thank you for making it a wedding and doing such a beautiful job.


To my dad, Gene, first of all for his extreme generosity. Without him we might have resorted to a cash bar and a Subway sandwich platter for a caterer tonight.

Even for someone who eats at Subway so frequently that the manager of the store by work knows my name, I am truly thankful that Gene helped us procure the always delicious East Side King.


And open bar. More importantly, I want to thank him for being the best possible guy to have in my corner throughout my life. For guiding me and rooting for me in good times and bad, for giving me his sense of humor and love of games and sports and friendly competition and his generous spirit and always being there to talk to. I love you.Caitlin-Zack-W-491

To Caitlin’s dad, Lance, for being a true renaissance man, doing any and every little thing we could need to help prepare for the wedding. Taking care of Scooby, fixing Caitlin’s shoes, teaching her dance moves. The thing I’ve missed the most while continuously breaking my foot is getting to run and talk to you every week.


I cannot overstate my joy that these loves of my life have bonded so closely. Papa Frog — you gave me my sense of adventure, my love of learning, and my passion for the written word. So many of my favorite memories involve the two of us setting off down the road to a concert or college tour or orchestra concert. You remain my standard for what genuine goodness is. While I may sign my name “Teibloom” from here on out, I’ll always be a Wittlif.


To my beautiful mother, Catherine. Sure, now I ascribe to the church of Beyonce, but I was only able to get here through your fierceness. You are too humble for your own good, because you have changed countless people’s lives through your daily fight for social justice. Even though it gets hard, you never give up — I’ll blame my stubbornness on you for that. I am so proud of you, and couldn’t be happier that you are here with me today, standing by me as you always have, my biggest cheerleader.

Cathy — it’s been wonderful to get to know you in our visits to Dallas. You’re always so accommodating and caring and Caitlin, Scooby and I love you and Scott to pieces. Thank you for cutting the cake tonight and always being a listening ear for my lovely wife.


To Caitlin’s brother, Edward, for animating this wedding. From the RSVP to the cartoon of our story through the beautiful video he edited together for my mom, we will truly treasure all of the things you did for this wedding the rest of our lives. It’s a great added bonus to gain you as a brother when I marry Caitlin.

Edward, there is never enough time for me to brag about you. You astound me with your talent constantly, but it is your gracious, tender heart that makes you irreplaceable. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my brother, and to have grown closer with you each passing year. Thank you for making Zack and I your REAL number 1 couple in your holiday videos every year.


To my sister Suzy for extending herself so much in the weeks leading up to the wedding. So many encouraging texts, phone calls and e-mails, making us feel loved and cared for. You made Caitlin feel like a member of the Teibloom clan before she takes the name. I’m so lucky to have grown up with you and have you in my life always.

It’s true! Thank you, sweet Suzy, for helping me to breathe deeply and live in wonderful moments like these. I cannot wait for us to grow closer and raise our families together over the years.


To my aunts, Helene and Linda to some of you, Tabby and Bokkie to others. For so generously sponsoring the rehearsal dinner Friday night. You’ve always been there for my dad, Suzy and I. We know we can always count on you and you always come through with love. And dupes.

Thank you for welcoming me into your family so warmly. It means the world to me.


To my best man Andy for being a rock for me the last fifteen years. When my proposal plan fell through, you helped me pick out the best photos from Caitlin and my relationship to decorate our apartment, turning what could have been a disaster into one of our most special memories. You especially brought it for my bachelor party, making everything happen in Vegas. Thank you for everything.

Especially, thank you for being such a good and accepting friend to me, Andy. I’m looking forward to our next Coachella.


To my maid of honor, Brittany. You were my fashion guru as we returned, time and again, to Unbridaled — I think I tried on every dress in that shop, right? And yet, you were so patient, keeping up the excitement for me and taking tons of photos from every possible angle. Thank you for making me feel so cherished as I got ready for this day.

Brittany — While Caitlin is now a Teibloom, you’re now a member of the Teibloom Family Fantasy Football league. That’s almost as important. Thank you for being such a great friend to Caitlin all these years.


To Danny Bliss — I didn’t know it was possible for a straight guy to have so much interest in another guy’s wedding. From before the proposal up through now, you’ve been my wedding guy, asking and answering every imaginable question and having insight into everything. If you weren’t such a great teacher, I’d say there was a job in here for you. But maybe it’s not that you love wedding planning so much, it’s that you’re that good a friend. Thank you.


To my lovely bridesmaids and my Apple girls, we can stand here today and say with honesty that you’ve seen me at my worst and my best, and through it all, you’re here with me today, my anchors, my best concert pals, my true blue bosom buddies. I love y’all to pieces and don’t know what I’d do without you.


To my wife Caitlin. Planning this wedding with you has been a treat. We had such a similar vision, only differing on the tiniest of issues like groomsmen shoe colors

I won that one.

Or what deep cut John Lennon song to put on the mixes we made. I love the way we’ve grown together, the man you bring out in me and I am endlessly thrilled to have you as my wife.


My wife.

I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to have the rest of my life to grow with you as husband and wife. I am eternally grateful for your love.

To my Zack, I have had such a blast coming up with all of the details of this wedding with you, and I am so proud that it really reflects us as a couple — the things we love that brought us together. You kept me sane during the last-minute freak outs, which is no small feat. Most of all, I now get to call you my husband, and we get to embark on a new adventure together. And I always get to watch you do your pumpkin dance.


When I imagined the wedding I kept coming back to this moment. Looking out at all of you and seeing so many loving faces who have been there for us all throughout our lives and smiling so much it hurt and now, being here, it’s even better than we could have imagined. Thank you all so much. Now let’s eat cake and dance until they make us stop. Cheers!


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