Rock Love Wedding Dance Party

12 Jul


“Let’s eat cake and dance until they make us stop.” This was how I ended our thank you speech and, thankfully, our friends and family took us up on our desire to dance our newly married butts off until midnight. Once the cake was cut and gobbled up, Caitlin changed into her Pumas*, the band took the stage for an hour and a half and our DJ took us home with 45 minutes of jams that kept the party going. We were told over and over that “I’ve never danced so much at a wedding” and we have the pictures to prove it’s true. Our photographers’ 8 hours of pictures ran out before the last half hour of the night when I stage dove**, but as you’ll see, they captured some pretty epic dance moments.  We’ll go through the night in reverse order, from the end of the All My Friends set up until the cake cutting in the last post. There’s a ton of pictures to get through, so let’s get into it…

*In large part, out of necessity — I managed to get a charlie horse in BOTH of my calves when I sat down to eat my cake, and despite some stretching and massaging the spasms would return off and on while I was dancing the rest of the night.

**Probably for the best.


Last dance of the night with my wife before the band left the stage. Bowtie askew. Big smile.

As Melissa commented on another post, at this point in the night I was prone to coming up to her and saying, “Caitlin and I LOVE YOU.WE EFFING LOVE YOU!” over and over. I meant it! My sweet and beautiful Mel was by my side all night, dancing and laughing and having a blast.

Mel showing off her beer while dancing while Caitlin needs both hands to hold her dress.

Smiles all around for the lighthouse crew. Meanwhile, I’m lost in song.

Caitlin-Zack-W-630Arms up. Feeling good about married life. Actually I’d bet this is the point where one half of us started to forget we were married due to, ahem, celebrating a little too much. I’ll let the rock hands speak for themselves.

It’s not a proper LCD cover band without a female keyboardist. 


Gettin’ cozy on the dance floor with my new bride. 


Janosch is singing along with his eyes closed. That’s how you know he’s into it.  If you look closely, you can see Brian’s “Sheriff of Dance” badge in his pocket, which was actually the star-shaped base of the stand for our Justin Timberlake doll.


Then he closed his eyes while dancing with Allie. That’s how you know he’s into her.Caitlin-Zack-W-625Dancing with my wife and my cane while there’s a bridesmaids love fest behind us. Awww love fest!

Caitlin and Katie owning the dance floor. This is the best dance look I have. And my Katie is ravishing. 

Mel gets in on the dance floor own age. My move is basically arms-in-air, hold dress and make a face.

Me and the boys are in view here, but it’s still ladies night dance party. “The move.”Caitlin-Zack-W-620

All My Friends really going for it. There are so many amazing shots of these guys. Kevin here also joined us at the end of the night to scream Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” at the top of our lungs.

Brian and Allie smile dancing. 


I have a beer in one hand and a cane in the other, but I’m still trying to steal Janosch’s moves.

A picture of a picture of me and Brett.

Big smiles for Caitlin, Nikki, Sade and Whitney.


The Teibs’ and The Siegs’


A boy and his boot.


Walton took my cane and he wasn’t afraid to use it. This entire series of dances where guys traded off Zack’s cane was cracking me up.


It got rowdy during “All My Friends,” as it tends to. I like to think this is the moment when Rob is screaming, “RIGHT HERE! RIGHT HERE!” to the question in the song, “Where are your friends tonight?”


At first it was a little all over the place, with Rob waving his arms in the air, as he tends to.


Then the solos started. Adam got down. 

Then Madison put on his mean mug and got his groove on.


Katie wouldn’t let him be the only Inselmann to step into the ring. The wingspan in this photograph is marvelous.


Caitlin and Mel hug after they did their thing.  I pulled Mel in with me because I was about to die from exhaustion. I had almost nothing left to give.


Two ladies make that dance floor come alive. <3<3<3


Caitlin doing her best Mick Jagger in a dress. Mick Jagger wishes he had that sass.


Dayna getting wild, tongues out, arms gesturing. She is clearly riding a pony here. Get it, girl.


Bryn lost his tie long ago and he’s throwing down with arms up. I wish there was a somersault we could say happened here, but it was just some expert-level pogoing.


Andy throwing down in black and white.  Andy busted majestic moves. See below.


Best man throwing down just as hard in color.


Eric got in a half crouch that clearly impressed everyone. Spontaneous break dancing — what every wedding needs.


Jim swang those arms around snapping style. This might have been a spectacular “Carlton.” Can’t be sure.


Monte lifted his shoulders, closed his eyes and just felt it. Pop lockin’ like a pro.


Lisa was so happy her hair didn’t know what to do with itself. Bliss personified.


A beautiful circle happening here. Peak dance party. This just happened naturally. Nobody planned on this. It just formed out of shared emotions.

So much love for “All My Friends” in the circle. Let us bow our heads and sing in the name of the almighty James Murphy.


This was the blur we were all feeling.


The tightest knit circle. The most genuine hugs.


We are friends and we are laughing. 


Love Melissa and Lisa’s smiles here.


I planned this middle finger fantasy football league pic and my only regret is we couldn’t get it taken before Jon left. I did not feel good about this.


Fine, we’ll take a league pic without the fingers. This, I loved.


Work friends keeping it classy at the bar. My girls!


One of many shots. What a crew we have here. I did not partake in this, except once at the very end of the night.


The pre-shot arm on shoulder. 


I posted this one on Jordy’s wall on his b-day this year. Love it. 


Jill wearing all the Beyonce props made me smile and Caitlin worry that she wouldn’t get them back. I mean, I couldn’t blame her — it’s light-up Beyonce swag. Who WOULDN’T want to “forget” they had the stuff on?


Serious dance face there, Jord.


Having a great time with my sis. That cane really got a ton of action.


Katie and Madison cutting all the rugs. This photo may win the whole wedding, TBH.


Jordy and Caitlin getting so into All My Friends. This was our moment. We were stars.

The older crowd waiting for the shuttle. Plus rainy, dirty 6th.


Having a moment with my wife. 


Incredible expression. I wish I knew what she was reacting to. Per Brittany’s point, I can only assume it’s Zack doing some fancy-pants dance move.


I got a bit handsy with Janosch throughout the night. Meanwhile all I need are my dancing shoes.


Brett and Brit leaning into the sing-a-long.


Brett live tweeting the dancing. It was pretty awesome to have our own press guy at the wedding;) Thanks, Brett!


Love this singing face/hand.


This one too. Such a lovely rock ‘n’ roll bride.


Jess being sweet to Caitlin about what a rock star she is. Seriously, Jess laid on the compliments thick. Every time she came around I knew it was going to boost my spirits even higher.


I told you I was hand-sy around Janosch.


Great shot of Chris from All My Friends.


We’re all getting down. 


Stealing wife kisses on the dance floor. 


Aggressive singing and arm raising.


Arms up, canes up. 


Maybe my favorite pic of Caitlin and I rocking out ever.


Caitlin with a full on sing yell between two Zack’s. How I want to look when I die. OUT WITH A BANG, YOU GUYS.


Clapping and smiling, as it should be.
Caitlin-Zack-W-551Love the blue on this pic. Chris was owning it. 
Caitlin-Zack-W-544Beautiful side shot in black and white. That disco ball — it’s the perfect shot.

I adore the way Caitlin’s looking at me in this one. 
Caitlin-Zack-W-537Oh hey, it’s the bride and groom in the circle taking over.

Caitlin runs this party, don’t forget it. Not sure who I’m pointing at, but given this is a DJ portion — I’m thinking this was a “Sunday Morning” moment.

Seriously. Just dominating the dance floor. Ah yes, never mind — this is Beyonce.


Driving and running this town. Only Beyonce can get me in the boo’s coupe riding like this.

I’m trying to back up into it. Dayna’s tongue move rules.


Pam tugging on Jon’s bowtie is the best.


Sing it, Dayna! YAS. Every time I see this photo it gives me life.


Get it, girls! Katie P.’s hair in this shot is beautiful. This is “Sunday Morning.”


I wish I knew what we were saying here.


Caitlin never left the dance floor*. Always smiling. 

*Not an exaggeration. Literally true. I basically made my home there.


Adorable pic of my Cali cousins.


Love seeing my aunt and cousins and dad’s friends on the dance floor. Also, Gail’s ~incredible~ green sequin mermaid-like dress.


I needed to catch my breath post horah. I just wanted to hide.


In that post-horah love fest. I am not feeling the most loving.


A little arm hook dancing with Monte. My face says it all: “I just got dropped.”

Shirt came untucked after going up in the chair. See above.


Got to twirling with Carole after the chair lifts as everyone claps encouragingly. 

We survived the chair lift. Arms up! Is it possible to feel PTSD from a wedding dance?


So many friends and family around us after the chair lifts.

I’ve got one arm up as Caitlin clings on for dear life. I have since been informed that I only had 3 men to my 1 chair. Meanwhile, I think I spot 5 or 6 pairs of hands on Zack’s chair?

You can see Caitlin’s scared face as I love it. Poor Brandon is basically lifting a human and a chair almost by himself.



Swinging around before the chairs with big smiles. I’ve been waiting for this ever since my Bar Mitzvah. I have been dreading this ever since I fell in love with a Jewish boy.


Full of love in this one with some of my oldest friends and wife.


We’re ready to get up on those chairs. I am trying not to think about it at this point.


Horah swinging is underway. Back when I was sassy. Back before I knew…

Caitlin singing along to “Start Wearing Purple,” the perfect pre-horah song. I was so excited for my Gogol fans at the wedding — Raquel, Ashley and Chuck made this pre-party extra awesome.
Caitlin-Zack-W-498My wife never stopped dancing. Wedding goal achieved. Finger guns forever!


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