Rock Love Pre-Wedding Photos

20 Jul


This wedding photo-filled post covers our rehearsal dinner and the moment right up to when the ceremony started. Our photographer captured some beautiful family and friend pics at Torchy’s for the rehearsal, in two hotels as we got ready, in front of The Parish with Scooby and inside just before we walked down the aisle. He seriously caught so many magical moments. It’s exactly what I hoped for.

After a delicious Torchy’s buffet, we welcomed our family and wedding party and invited them to give speeches. 

Caitlin-Zack-W-059We took time in between speeches to have one of our last pre-marriage kisses. I love the vinyl decorations on the wall of the venue! That was just already there, they didn’t add it for us, but it fits our vibe so perfectly.


I got to meet my cousin Jon’s baby Emma for the first time and hang out with my brother-in-law Sky. Emma is LONG! Like an adorable string bean.
Caitlin-Zack-W-034An action shot of us hanging on the words of a speech. I bought that Kendra Scott necklace earlier in the day with my mom. I’d fallen in love with it previously, and decided it would be perfect with my dress.

Caitlin-Zack-W-031One of my oldest friends, Jon, started us off with a nice story about me and my mom. 

Caitlin-Zack-W-037Caitlin’s maid of honor Brittany gave a heartfelt speech. I was so moved that she took the mic for me.

Caitlin-Zack-W-042And a big maid of honor hug. GREAT hug ❤

Caitlin-Zack-W-043Bryn talked about our friendship and loyalty.

Caitlin-Zack-W-055One of the speeches moving us to laugh and cover our mouths. This was definitely Jordy. He was cracking me up!

Caitlin-Zack-W-048Jordy talked about our relationship and how he’s seen it develop over time. I felt really included in this speech, which was so sweet of Jordy.


Andy went for a bear hug after talking about all his good and bad idea contributions to the wedding. I’m glad he was there to help Zack and be a shoulder to lean on.Caitlin-Zack-W-064Four members of the Teibloom Family Fantasy Football league met up to talk trades. Is that really what’s happening here?? I guess I wouldn’t be surprised, really.

Caitlin-Zack-W-065Caitlin’s side of the family got together to talk over drinks. I love my mom’s expression in this shot, and my Aunt Laura laughing to her left (our right).

Caitlin-Zack-W-066My side of the family gathered in the middle of the room. The Teiblooms are a huggy bunch. (This is a good thing.)
Caitlin-Zack-W-026A couple lovely moments between my cousins Amy and Judy and my dad and his sister. 


Caitlin and I took a seat to hang with my sister Suzy and cousin Judy.

Caitlin-Zack-W-011Taking a seat with four of my groomsman, Jon’s wife Pam and Monte, who did our reading. I know what it’s like to be the tagalong when your significant other is in a wedding, so I hope Pam felt welcome and had fun!

Caitlin-Zack-W-005Caitlin hangs with her bridesmaids, her dad and Madison. Madison and my dad were fast friends, which was no surprise to me.

Caitlin-Zack-W-068Jordy helps me with my tie, as usual. I’d say this looks a lot more like you helping Jordy with his tie, boo boo.
Caitlin-Zack-W-075Bryn, Jordy and Andy work on their bow ties. I know this was the thing the dudes feared the most with their outfits, so I really appreciate them humoring us and not going for the pre-tied bowties (they just looked too silly).

Caitlin-Zack-W-086Jordy swears he wasn’t intentionally flicking off the camera in this one, but it sure looks like it. I mean….c’mon Jordy. Nobody believes that.

Caitlin-Zack-W-092Brittany and Caitlin hug as they get ready in their W hotel suite. There was a debacle where, despite the fact that *I* had called in to the hotel earlier to add all of my bridesmaids and our photographer to the list of acceptable occupants in our room, I was somehow left off the list. Thusly the dude at the counter was giving me a hard time about checking in. Luckily, we were able to have Brittany check us in (with the help of my sis-in-law Suzy giving the counter dude some straight talk because I was about to burst into tears and/or throw something). This was definitely a relieved and lovely moment between two friends.

Caitlin-Zack-W-090Caitlin examining the bouquet she spent so much time creating. It took forever! But I was pleased with it, and the best part is it is still in tact, sitting in a vase with our cake topper. I may have gone a little overboard with the ribbon, making the base of the thing kinda fat, but hey — I like something that’s built like a truck on the bottom (ba-zinga!)
Caitlin-Zack-W-102Katie and Caitlin share a laugh as they get her dress on. I seriously cannot get over this photo. Same expressions, so much happiness, love love love.

Caitlin-Zack-W-096Suzy and Brittany enjoy the bridesmaid life.  This is just fantastic.
Caitlin-Zack-W-107Caitlin’s mom helps her with her wedding earrings. Again, I adore this photo. The colors pop and my mom looks lovely and it’s just sweet.

Caitlin-Zack-W-118Looking down out on the world. This is where I got some posing instructions about how to jut my chin out and what angle to be at, etc. etc. This is why you need a pro!

Caitlin-Zack-W-121I’m probably texting the dog walker as we wait for the signal to meet up for the first look. My brother Edward (2 to Zack’s left) is looking awfully devious in this shot.

Caitlin-Zack-W-126Caitlin slowly makes her way to me for the big reveal. Slowly, because look at those heels!!! Amazonian women are not used to stilettos.

Caitlin-Zack-W-128I still don’t know she’s behind me. Naw at this point I think you sensed me. Look at your smile!

Caitlin-Zack-W-130Oh, hi! I’m stunned by her beauty. I was SO nervous. I was hoping Zack would like the dress and the hair and everything coming together.

Caitlin-Zack-W-131My heart almost leapt out of my chest. I had to hold it in. This reaction made me feel fantastic.

Caitlin-Zack-W-132Still recovering. I think I was crying at this point.

Caitlin-Zack-W-133I needed to hug my bride. I needed to be stabilized.

Caitlin-Zack-W-135And take a second look. I was definitely crying at this point.

Caitlin-Zack-W-137Then we laughed together. Laugh-crying.

Caitlin-Zack-W-141And laughed a little more. I love my bouquet in this shot! Like a little firework, just for us.

Caitlin-Zack-W-143A second view of the hug. I love this sneaky shot!

Caitlin-Zack-W-145And another. Probably my favorite.

Caitlin-Zack-W-147We took a quick cab over to The Parish and look who was waiting for us. THE BOO BOO!!!!!!!!

Caitlin-Zack-W-148It’s Scooby! He was so handsome in his blue collar and pink leash — dressed on theme for the day!

Caitlin-Zack-W-149He’s happy to see us. Ugh this one just makes my heart completely melt.

Caitlin-Zack-W-155He even posed for a couple. He’s a model dog, what can we say.

Caitlin-Zack-W-157Oh, our little ham. He really does take after me. I MEAN!!!!

Caitlin-Zack-W-158Oh jeez, Scoobs. You camera hog. This image of our pup will be etched on my heart for eternity. Our goofball bat-eared fuzzball love.

Caitlin-Zack-W-159We bought all the bridal party blue and pink umbrellas. I think this is the only pic we took with them. Whoops. Doesn’t it just look like these two are going to break out in dance?!
Caitlin-Zack-W-160A quick one with just us in front of the venue. A favorite.

Caitlin-Zack-W-162Had to give a little kiss on the shoulder. She looked so beautiful. Love Zack’s expression in this one. He is so handsome.


I love this one of my sister, dad and us. The Teiblooms! I love how Suzy’s dress turned out (she had it shortened), and I LOVE her shoes!! And Gene always looks dashing.
Caitlin-Zack-W-167The Teibloom clan. Such a sweet group of people — so welcoming of me from day one.

Caitlin-Zack-W-168The Wittlif/Ford crew My peeps! I love my cousin Shannon’s model post (she’s third from the left end), and my cousin Jason in his blues. Many of my favorite people are in this photo, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Caitlin-Zack-W-169Adorable one of Caitlin’s brother and parents. I cannot get over how handsome my brother looks! His bow tie was a Dungeons & Dragons tie, and we got him a vegan belt and shoes since he is a strict vegan. Also, can y’all believe that is my beautiful mom I’m towering over?? Love her shoes, too:)

Caitlin-Zack-W-174Our dessert table. Oh, dessert table. RIP, desserts. I hope you went to happy bellies.

Caitlin-Zack-W-176The girl cousins! And Torrey’s oldest, Ellie. Ellie was our lovely “bubble girl” (we did bubbles instead of flowers since we were originally going to have the ceremony at a leave-no-trace outdoor venue). Such gorgeous women!!

Caitlin-Zack-W-177Our lovely cake and cake topper. We had the cake topper done as a customer job, and it seriously is too perfect!

Caitlin-Zack-W-179Caitlin’s dad and our officiant Big Mike have a last word before the ceremony. These two have known each other since high school. That is quite a bond!

Caitlin-Zack-W-180Amy holds Jon and Lynae’s baby. She’d have her own baby a month and a half later. I think we were Emma’s first wedding, which is pretty dang exciting! A claim to fame I’m sure we’ll hold onto as she gets older.

Caitlin-Zack-W-184I greet my cousins Alan and Lynn. I’m sad they missed the big Teibloom family pic. Luckily they danced it up a bunch with us throughout the night!

Caitlin-Zack-W-182Baby Phoebe doing her thing. Which at this moment looks to be exploring the buffet — my kinda girl.

Caitlin-Zack-W-185A sweet moment between my cousin Judy and aunt Linny. Linny and Zack’s other aunt, Tabby, were the ones to fund our fabulous rehearsal dinner. We are so grateful for their generosity.

Caitlin-Zack-W-191The guests are arrived and seated, ready for the wedding to start. A room full of people we love — what could be better??

Caitlin-Zack-W-192Flower girl Ellie shows off her flower gun. The look between my brother and Ellie here is TOO MUCH for me!!!

Caitlin-Zack-W-194Dave picks Phoebe up and gets her ready for wedding time. 

Caitlin-Zack-W-199Ellie gets excited to shoot off her bubble gun.

Caitlin-Zack-W-200Finger guns before bubble guns. 

Caitlin-Zack-W-201I attack back with finger guns of my own. 

Caitlin-Zack-W-202Ellie leans in. I try to surrender. 

Caitlin-Zack-W-203Bubble explosion!

Caitlin-Zack-W-204I’m surrounded! 


She has won the war of the bubbles. This series of photos is everything.


Quick pic with my sis before the procession starts. Such lovely sibs!


At the top of the stairs with my dad, minutes to go before the ceremony. 

One last piece of advice before we start. I’m guessing it wasn’t “Pace yourself with the beverages.” 😉


Places, people. We’re about to start… My dad and I share hugs and smiles. I am at the bursting point with emotions.


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  1. tapeparade September 18, 2015 at 1:16 am #

    These pre-wedding photos are incredible! You guys look like you have the best friends and family!!! Also, this is such a cliche but the one of Caitlin and her brothers, before reading the caption I definitely thought that your mom was your sister…

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