Christmas in July: The Wittbloom Take

22 Jul


When I realized Zack and I were at The Polar Express* in our Hanks reviewing, I felt we could do only one thing — host a Christmas in July**, Wittbloom style. We’d get each other a few presents, have biscuits for breakfast and Christmas cookies for dessert, and drink apple champagne and generally make merry. Happily, Zack was on board with this plan***, and we set to work creating a little winter magic during this hot Texas summer.

*We’ll get to the film in a separate post. Spoiler: Not great. 

**I’m still getting used to Christmas in December. July? Are there fireworks? What is this? 

***I couldn’t say no to Caitlin when I saw how excited she was for it. And I thought it would be a good excuse to get a Hanks ornament. 


To the backdrop of the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack*, we opened our gifts. For Zack, I decided to get gifts that were around the theme of the Tom Hanks films we knew and loved, and to indicate which gift went with which movie, I tagged the gifts with the names of Tom’s characters** and his love interests.

*I generally don’t like Christmas music, but this is always welcome. 

**Caitlin totally nailed the theme. There was a baseball game from Dottie to Jimmy, a BIG poster from Susan to Josh, chocolates and Dr. Peppers from Jenny to Forrest and space socks from Marilyn to Jim (Apollo 13).

Here, you see envelopes signifying A League of Their Own (Jimmy and Dottie weren’t exactly a love interest*, but work with me here), and Big. These gifts unfortunately didn’t ship on time, so I printed out what Zack would be getting: a baseball game**, and a beautiful illustrated poster for the movie Big. 

*Though they did kiss in a deleted scene that felt wrong. 

**We got the baseball game and will play this week and I can’t wait to frame the BIG poster along with some wedding pictures.

I also got Zack a glow-in-the-dark sculpture of a jellyfish for Splash* (which also reminded me of our honeymoon in Belize).

*Ooh yeah! I still need to see this in the dark. 


In turn, Zack COMPLETELY spoiled/pampered me! I got shower gel and my FAVORITE shampoo from L’Occitane*, delicious store-made taffy and sea salt chocolate caramels** from Big Top Candy Shop, a beautiful ornament filled with green and red hair ties, and just about 1,000 Lush bath products because Zack knows what a Lush fiend I am. Seriously, that bag with the map of the world on it? FILLED TO THE BRIM***!!!! I think there were like 20 different bombs, soaps and lotions in there. INSANE!!!

*This was on Caitlin’s Pinterest board gift list and then I got the shower gel to meet the free shipping minimum and then I was like…well, I might as well go for bath stuff as well to give the full experience. 

**It’s not a Caitlin Christmas without candy.

***I wanted this part to be a surprise, so I gave her the candy, shower gel, shampoo and ornament and made it seem like that was it, then said, “oh, one second” and came back with the LUSH package to blow her mind.


Even Scooby participated, although he was a little disappointed when he didn’t spy any presents on the table for himself! We really should have gotten pup pup something, but he did get a barkbox soon after. 


Although we didn’t love The Polar Express (more on that in our review), we had an absolute blast celebrating a little Christmas spirit in July. I think we may have stumbled upon a new Wittbloom tradition! I’m down to keep it going. Every employee in Lush asked me how long we’d been doing it, so I guess we need to keep it going so next year I can say “This is the second time.” For Scooby’s sake, we won’t make him wear the antlers in July. 


One Response to “Christmas in July: The Wittbloom Take”

  1. tapeparade September 18, 2015 at 1:09 am #

    Guys, this is a brilliant idea! Love the presents from characters, love the antlers on Scooby and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Charlie Brown christmas soundtrack. All the Charlie Brown music is amazing.

    Also, if barkbox is what I think it is then one of my friends founded the company, so random to hear somebody else knows it! (Subscription box with dog toys and treats, non?) x

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