Tom Hanks Project – The Da Vinci Code Review

23 Aug


This movie is entertaining enough. Hanks submits a pretty average performance (for him), but is helped by a solid turn by Audrey Tautou* (Amelie) and a scene stealing Ian McKellan (Gandolf). Based on the massively popular novel of the same name, The Da Vinci Code was called out for being low brow and making a lot of super obvious art references that make dumb people feel smart**. It’s hard to argue against that, though even though I’d seen the movie in theaters when it came out, it still kept me guessing and interested until the end.

*My girl!!! Amelie was my favorite movie for years and years. When this movie first came out and I discovered the cast list, my hopes rose very high — two of my favorites together?? Seemed like a recipe for perfection.

**I think this is an awfully exclusive point of view. I only took one art class in the entirety of college, and it was in the context of how film was influenced by art. It made me appreciate the works more when I went to museums afterward, so I think if a movie can accomplish a similar appreciation, that’s not a bad thing.

mona lisa

I feel ridiculous recapping this plot. When a man Hanks was about to meet up with at the Louvre is murdered, Hanks is called in to answer some questions and is accused of his murder. Amelie tells him he’s in grave danger and they escape the museum. They then go on the run, trying to solve an incredible mystery that incorporates some of the most famous art pieces on Earth and may prove that Mary was Jesus’ wife and they had children? It’s really something. What I like about it is that it really doesn’t answer questions about faith at the end of the movie — it just asks more and forces the viewer to figure out how they feel.

Laugh Out Loud: Caitlin: 10 Zack: 8 It’s not a particularly funny film. The few bits we laughed at were mostly Ian McKellan being clever. There are some neat little twists that brought a chuckle out of us, but Caitlin covered her eyes more than either of us laughed and it’s a PG-13 film. Ian definitely brought the lol’s more than anything.

Comedy: Zack: N/A I’ll give the movie a pass here. It’s an action/adventure movie with just a few attempts at humor. They aren’t bad and we smiled a good deal, but not enough to give it a proper grade. Oh it’s definitely not a comedy. This is action/adventure all the way.


Romantic Interest  Zack N/A At one point Caitlin said Hanks had pretty decent chemistry with Tautou*, but said he’s too old for her and it didn’t seem romantic. I agree. Hanks was about to turn 50 when they shot this and Tautou had yet to turn 30.  It reminded me of Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones in The Terminal. They’re kind of sweet together, but lets just keep it as friends**. They never kiss and it’s for the best.

*As, like, a sort of surrogate uncle type. NEVER romantic. Eww.

**The Terminal was more of a romance than this one. I really think that they considered adding romance but decided Hanks would be more of a protector of Audrey since the only family she had left in the world was murdered right away.


Eye Cover: Caitlin: 12 Zack: 0 I almost started to cover my eyes when that murdering albino Monk kept whipping his own back until it bled thick red lines, but I’ve seen a lot worse whippings. Freaking Silas. What happened to you?!? You were so nice in A Knight’s Tale!

Hanks Caitlin 6.8 Zack: 6.5  Re-watching The Da Vinci Code with a Hanks-focused lens, I was surprised how mediocre he was in this. I thought he had a pretty weak backstory and we never get all that close to him as a character. All we really know about him is that he fell down a well as a kid and is now claustrophobic. He’s just moving from one over-the-top scene to the next and doesn’t give us the usual Hanks charm or humanity. I hope he does more with the next two in this series. I also want to note Caitlin’s first comment when we started watching, “His hair is so terrible.” It’s really bad. I wasn’t quite as disappointed in Hanks in this film as Zack was. He wasn’t meant to be the star — it’s really all about Audrey here. I think with that in mind, if you just see Hanks as the narrator, the person meant to be us wandering through all of these twists and turns, I think it works. But definitely, unquestionably one of the less memorable roles.

Movie: Caitlin 7.0 Zack 7.0 C- feels right. It’s OK. We spent two and a half hours with it on a Sunday night and I don’t regret watching it. I’m mildly interested to see where the next one goes a few movies from now on our list and we’ll see the next one in theaters I’m sure, but I’m not seeking out the books or anything. I wasn’t looking forward to this one because of my memory of Silas, but with a few handy eye covers it was engaging and didn’t feel as long as two and a half hours might, so that’s positive. I don’t know that we’ll ever re-watch this, but I don’t regret watching it.


2 Responses to “Tom Hanks Project – The Da Vinci Code Review”

  1. tapeparade September 18, 2015 at 1:02 am #

    I remember when I first watched this film I found it pretty engaging but when I rewatched it a few years later I was just kind of bored; it’s very twist and turny but not in a way that can keep you interested once you know where it’s headed. I guess that was kind of the point of the book as well; a one-holiday read, you know?

    Also interesting that you call out his hair; I remember when the film came out in cinemas the british press were all over Tom’s hair to the point of their being a NEWS SEGMENT following his hair. Like on the actual evening news. Crazy!


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