Halloween Couples Costume 2015 – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham

1 Nov


If anything, I’m surprised it took us this long to dress as Stevie and Lindsey*. Caitlin’s been pushing for it for years, often dressing like Stevie on non-Halloween days**. I was worried I couldn’t pull off Lindsey and that no one would know who we were. Of course, Caitlin pulled off a perfect Stevie. I think I did a decent job with Lindsey***. And it may not have been our most recognized costume, but we loved doing it and those who got it really appreciated it.

*SOMEbody was not thrilled to dress as “a guy from the 70s” (what he thought everyone would think he was dressed as), which is really why it took us this long. I knew that the coolest people would get it.

**She’s one of my heroes, what can I say.

***You were great!


Shopping for our outfits is always half the fun. We started at the wig shop Coco Coquette. Caitlin had been there for Brittany’s bachelorette party* and knew they specifically had a Stevie wig. It was perfect and they had a pretty great dark brown fro with a bit of length for Lindsey. Wigs bought, we headed to Buffalo Exchange to get costumes. I found my whole ensemble there. The 70’s silk shirt with an odd design. The ladies jacket, the scarf and ladies velvet bell bottoms. I found a cheap gold necklace and was good to go. The real trick for me was getting my beard right. My friend/hair stylist Dana suggested mascara instead of beard dye and it worked super well, though Caitlin didn’t want to kiss me because she feared I’d get mascara all over her face**.

*It was SO MUCH FUN! Truly a genius idea for a Bachelorette party, especially where not many of the ladies knew one another. Slap on a wig and some glam makeup and inhibitions go out the window.

**Last I checked, Stevie doesn’t have 5 o’clock shadow, and while I know mascara on my eyelashes doesn’t transfer like that, Zack got pretty sweaty. I had my concerns, is what I’m saying.

Caitlin didn’t have as much luck at Buffalo Exchange, so we checked out a couple other thrift shops nearby before turning her search online.


Everything you see here was from the online retailer ASOS. I have spotty luck with them when it comes to sizing, so I took a big risk in ordering everything from them to be delivered the Monday before Halloween*. I hoped the dress would work, and planned on using one or two of the cover-ups after that to get that flowy winged look Stevie always has. Turns out, all three shawls were just too good, so I wore all of them – there was a closer-cut lace number, a flowy translucent bit with wide sleeves, and a fringed shawl.

*Caitlin pulls off the Stevie look all the time, so I figured she’d nail it. Ordering a few shawls she could mix and match seemed like a great plan to me. 


For jewelry, I picked out things with moons on them, so I turned this arm cuff into a choker*, and then added on two of these three stackable necklaces. I wore a pair of moon earrings I’d already bought from Etsy, slapped on purple eyeshadow and pink lip gloss and called it a night! 

*This move was especially genius. 

side by side

Once we were dressed up, we headed to Caitlin’s dad’s to have dinner, play spades and greet trick-or-treaters. First Lance took a few pictures of us in his backyard. We put on the Fleetwood Mac album Tango in The Night and played a long game of spades. My dad was, quite decidedly, the victor.


Before long, we’d have to put down the cards every few tricks since the trick or treaters were coming in droves. We must have seen over 100 kids in costume come up to the door. A few Batmen and Jokers, some princesses and ninjas, all kinds of super heroes and monsters. A few kids too old to trick or treat in little more than a t-shirt with a graphic. I was surprised that there were almost no contemporary costumes, but it was refreshing to see so many kids.


They were all polite. A few were a little shy*. I decided we should give out two pieces of candy if they said trick-or-treat and one if they didn’t. We had so many kids, we soon had to turn it into one per kid no matter what. There was the one kid who tried to scare us by hiding behind the door and one kid who said “Why don’t you smile once in a while” in a pretty good Joker voice, but for the most part it was just a bunch of cute, shy kids. Little kids in costume is pretty heartwarming.

*More than a few, I’d say. Zack would ask, “What do you say?” to try and coax out a “Trick or Treat!” but it only worked some of the time.


Even with Caitlin and I bringing over a ton of candy to supplement Lance’s supply, we ran out of candy by 7:30. Well, we had a few 100 Grands and Peanut M&Ms left, but that was our personal supply. It’s Lance’s first Halloween in the yellow house and he learned what a hot-spot he is for trick-or-treaters. We turned off the porch lights to signify no candy here and ate some pasta and switched from pumpkin beer and cider to wine and finished our game of spades that Lance won in semi-dramatic fashion*. We bid him adieu after a lovely few hours and drove slowly away as the trick-or-treaters were still out in droves.

*”Semi-dramatic” = Zack kept saying how he would have won if he hadn’t overbid one hand and gone under.


We headed back to our place to check on our dumb dumb dog, AKA “Mommy’s Little Monster” to make sure he was feeling all right after getting into a few pieces of gum earlier in the day*. We were greeted by an adult guy in a creepy mask costume standing in our apartment complex. He turned to stare at us as we drove past him and continued to turn and stare creepily as we walked by. We were not into it**. We got up to see Scooby who was doing fine, but a little startled by all the weird noises outside.

*He’s a goat. He earned that costume.

**The costume in and of itself was whatever, but like — why did you decide that you would be the personal tormentor of the neighborhood? Where are your friends?!? These are the questions that worried me more than anything.


Caitlin braved her large heels* and we slowly walked to The Brixton to have a few drinks and see some adults in costume. The costumes were a bit different than the trick-or-treaters. We saw Lloyd and Harry in the bright blue and orange suits and canes from Dumb and Dumber, but with a dress version of the suit for the girl. There was Butch and Mia from Pulp Fiction, complete with needle in chest for Mia and bloody shirt and sword for Bruce.

*Stevie would do it


We saw David Bowie and Tina Belcher and a guy we think was Andrew W.K. We had a few cocktails and a candy corn shot and mostly kept to ourselves, aside from a little conversation with the ghost of Bevo XIV.

*This one made us both audibly “awwww” with a sad face. TOO SOON, BEVO GHOST!! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, Bevo is the name of the University of Texas’ steer mascot, and Bevo XIV specifically was the mascot for the last 11 years that just died of cancer… 


After unsuccessfully trying to get some friends to come to the East Side that early in the night, we headed home, with me stumbling down the stairs of the bar as I said “Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?” to a guy in a Patrick Bateman costume*. I swear it was my weak foot, not drunkenness. We changed into comfortable clothes, curled up with a Seinfeld episode and ended another successful Halloween together. We’re already plotting out who we’ll be next year.

*This made me roll my eyes and then get worried for Zack’s foot health last night, but it just made me laugh out loud re-reading it now. Zack is OK, thankfully.


2 Responses to “Halloween Couples Costume 2015 – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham”

  1. jessthetics November 15, 2015 at 7:02 pm #

    You both look incredible, I love that costume idea! The shawl is gorgeous Caitlin, I bet you can wear it all year round. Also, I’m so jealous of your trick or treaters! I live in an apartment block now and there are no kids here, so I never see trick or treaters anymore 😦

    • Caitlin November 16, 2015 at 8:27 pm #

      Aww thank you Jess! We had to go to my dad’s for the trick-or-treaters because we don’t get any at our apartment, either. I think apartment-dwelling kids think that the best candy is at the houses; plus it can be harder to tell who is participating! We always keep a bag or two around the apartment though, just in case!

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