Scooby DNA Revealed

5 Feb


We’d always wondered what breed Scooby was. The day we adopted him at Austin Pets Alive, in April 2012, he was listed as an Australian Shepherd, but that didn’t seem right. We could clearly identify the German Shepherd marking on his forehead. He was certainly a mutt of some kind, but what else? Maybe a Basenji? Shiba Inu? We’d get different guesses from everyone who’d meet him at the dog park, but we wanted to know for sure. Still, it’s rare to feel like you have an extra $80 to spend on a dog DNA test. That is until Scooby started pulling his own weight around here. He got a small gig in an IAMS Facebook ad*, making us $150 which we figured we could blow half of on the test.

*I was in it, too, but I was definitely not the star of the show.

So, here’s the commercial. If you blink you’ll miss Scooby and Caitlin’s appearance, but it still paid for the test and is a cute ad*. We got the kit in the mail a few weeks ago, took a couple swabs inside Scooby’s mouth and sent it off to get analyzed. We got it back Friday and Caitlin and I excitedly messaged each other while we poured over the results. Before we get to them, lets see what our friends and family guessed:

*We’ll take $150 for a video of us going through our everyday motions anytime!

The funny guesses:

Rob wanted a prize because he had the “best” guess even if it wasn’t the most accurate.

  • Rob O: Chihuahua, Great Dane, Pompillion, Basset Hound
  • @righthandb wolf*
  • Andy: Am I the only one to guess he’s part Eddie Munster?

Andy was very impressed with his own Eddie Munster guess and @righthandb was on board with the wolf guess as well.

*I have totally thought this before. Also that he’s part fox.

Swing and a miss:

  • Gail: Red Heeler, Lab, uh… Jindo? Canaan?

Hey, she tried.



One right: Caitlin and I would have only gotten one ourselves. German Shepherd was all we knew.

  • Mike: Belgian malinois, beagle, Australian cattle dog, blue heeler. What do I win? Not much, Mikey. A couple Scooby rubs are free of charge.
  • Caitlin’s dad: Basenji, Doberman, a smidgeon of German Shepherd, and a lot of American Kelpie* – pictured here. And 100% Scooby Dooo. 
  • Caitlin’s mom: Husky, Rottweiler, Shepard, Lab?
  • Sara: German Shepherd and lab in there
  • Karen: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, lab
  • My dad: Shepherd, ridgeback, boxer, collie
  • Kim: I’ll guess German Shepard, Rot, Catahoula (sp?) and Lab
  • @weather_ginger: German Shephard, husky

*Dad got 2 right, actually.


The finalists (2/4)

  • Sam: I’ll go with Pitbull, Rottweiler, German Shepard and lab. Either way, he’s a great one!
  • Sara: German, Shiba Inu, australian cattle dog, and lab
  • Jess: American staffordshire terrier (pit bull), lab, Australian cattle dog, Rottweiler

I gave each of the final three a list of 10 breeds to pick from and had them pick 4.

  • Jess: Lab, pitbull, chow chow, Australian cattle
  • Sam: Pitbull, German shepherd, Rottweiler and chow chow
  • Sara: German, Shiba inu, Rottweiler, Australian cattle

Jess and Sam each got 3/4 so they win! We’ll be sending a dog treat to their pups Midnight and Treat. It’s fitting that they won since Jess turned us on to this service and Sam has been a Scooby fan since day one. Which 3/4 did they get right?

Let’s go to the results!


  • 37.5% mutt- As expected.
  • 25% Chow Chow! Didn’t see that coming, but looking at the pic below I can kinda see a chow in there. This was definitely the most surprising for us. It would certainly explain how much the boy sheds!
  • 12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit) A bit surprised, but I guess it makes sense. I totally see this in Scooby’s “grampa mouf.”
  • 12.5% German Shepherd Of course. Whenever we see a German Shepherd we tell Scooby it’s his uncle.
  • 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog I didn’t know enough about this breed, but it sure makes sense. The ears seem to be 100% from this Kelpie breed.

Chow Chow – 25%


Recognize any of these Chow Chow behaviors in Scooby?

  • Reputation as a loyal family dog. (yep!)

  • Reserved and wary with strangers. (Ehh he loves strangers) I think it depends actually – he gets excited with visitors but we’ve learned recently that children are not his favorite.

  • Independent spirit, but responds to reward-based obedience training. (100% Scooby)

  • May require socialization to reduce defensive aggressive tendencies. There have been reported incidents of Chow Chows being aggressive with other pets or people. (Only lately has he been at all aggressive. Unless you count humping dogs.)

  • Intelligent, hard-working, and stoic dogs. (Totally)

  • Very loyal to family and usually good with children. May not get along well with other dogs. (He’s pretty good with both)

  • American Staffordshire Terriers seem to enjoy dog sports such as agility, flyball, rally and competitive obedience. (Oh yeah, Scooby loves to run after his toys.)

  • There have been reported incidents of American Staffordshire Terriers being aggressive with other pets or people. (Very small amounts for him.)


  • Intelligent, active, energetic, and watchful dogs. (All of the above.)

  • Herding tendencies may lead to chasing cars or herding children. (He’ll chase anything he can and likes to keep his pack together) He also definitely likes to pick the direction we’re walking in at all times.


screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-8-30-34-amPersonalities can vary from calm and watchful/observant to energetic. (If you see Scooby in the wild, you’d think he’s always a ball of energy, but he really is a calm and watchful guy most of the time at home.)

scooby-certificateI was worried we’d get “he’s a mutt” and be disappointed, but this is pretty cool! It’s good to know where our special pup came from. Now to try to find the elusive pics of him as a puppy before we knew him… I was definitely skeptical of this process when Zack suggested it, but I’m SO glad he convinced me to go for it because this was such a fun experience!!

scooby-treatAll Scooby pics by Lance Wittlif


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