Thanks for checking out Zack and Caitlin’s blog. My name is Zack Teibloom and I live with my wife Caitlin Teibloom in Austin. Zack and I met in October 2010 at the end of the Austin City Limits music festival, headed home on the shuttle buses. I heard Caitlin talking about what bands she’d seen that weekend and turned around and said “The Black Keys” to answer her “Who did we see that was really good after Miike Snow?” question. We hit it off immediately, because we were both music-obsessed writers, open-minded individuals and a little bit nuts. Flash forward to July 2011, when we moved in together. As we began to enmesh* our lives, we decided it made sense to document our adventures somewhere**. What better place for a pair of bloggers to chronicle their lives than a blog? We’ve color-coded the blogs to make it easier for y’all to follow – we’ve gone with stereotypical gendered colors, mostly because I just really like pink and Zack always chose blue as his favorite color by default.

*We’ll be adding footnotes to each other’s writing. I’m using this footnote to tell you I’d never seen the word “enmesh” before. Apparently it means ” to catch or involve in or as if in a net or snare; entangle.” There were no nets or snares involved in our courtship, but I like the way it sounds.

**Facebook Timeline is cool and all, but we’d rather have more control over it than letting the whim of Zuckerberg control us.

We’ve broken the blog up into categories. From left to right, you’ve got:

  • Rock- These will be all music-related posts. It could be anything from a festival wrap-up to a vinyl digging trip to a home acoustic concert by our friends*.
  • Love- We’ll try not to get too mushy on you, but we’re a young couple in love and we want to celebrate it. 
  • Austin- We feel pretty blessed to live in this incredible city. And it’s far more than the live music and food. We’ll cover the rest of it here.
  • Ritas- We hope to become Margarita experts. In the mean time, we’ll make and drink a lot of them. Suggestions always welcome. 
  • Noms- We’re not foodies, per se, but we know what we like. Caitlin’s a vegetarian and I eat pretty much everything. We’ll document it here.
  • Crash Pad- We called this section home at first, then were confused when there were two “home” categories. Oh, right. Navigation to the home page. We looked for synonyms for “home” and crash pad just seemed too appropriate. It’ll be about things around out apartment. New artwork, painting the bathroom**, house parties, etc.
  • Travel- This is actually the reason we started the blog to begin with. We want to build up a decent enough following that we can travel the world and write about it for you lovely people.
*We both have separate music blogs, so we’ll focus on our couple’s take on shows in this section.
**We keep saying this is happening. I don’t know if I’m convinced.

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