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RLA’s 2016 “Resolutions”

3 Jan


When I pulled up the blog to add this post just now, I was shocked at how much time had passed since our last post. It’s been a busy — but mostly amazing — holiday season in the Teibloom household, with lots of decorating* and party-having** and shopping for and opening presents. We tried to get together a post on our rankings of the best holiday movies, but we just didn’t hatch the plan early enough and decided to save it for next year when we can make it more all-encompassing.

*Menorrahs and a Christmas tree and stockings and dreidels and more Christmas lights and ornaments than ever.

**Our annual pumpkin carving party got rained out, but we rocked the Chanukah party again.

Last year, we rung in the new year by reflecting on the one gone by. This year, we considered a best-of roundup or a commentary on how we spent our New Year’s Eve and Day — but honestly, 2015 was so monumental in so many ways (WE GOT MARRIED!) and we covered it so thoroughly already, I think it’s best that we look to the future. Plus, our NYE turned super tame because I caught a horrific stomach bug (my first in almost 10 years*) that kept me up all night Tuesday into Wednesday morning, emptying my body of anything I’d ever consumed, apparently, and I’m honestly still getting back to where I can eat regularly** or start doing physical activities again. With all of that, we decided the best thing to do was live in the moment with an eye to the future. Instead of typical New Year’s resolutions, we are going to share our 30 before 30 and 32 before 32 lists***, because 2016 is the year I turn 29, and with as much as I want to accomplish, I am going to use the extra 2 1/2 months I have to get an early jump-start on these goals and dreams.

*Caitlin had a Seinfeld-ian vomit-free streak that sadly came to an end.

**Her diet of rice, saltines, Sprite and popsicles were not the NYE feast we were planning on.

***We’ll get through Caitlin’s 30 in this post and post mine separately later this week.

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Where Wurst is Best: Wurstfest, New Braunfels

19 Nov


People often ask me, why did you decide to study German in school, rather than French or (the far more geographically reasonable and useful) Spanish? Ultimately, it came down to two things that most middle schoolers would understand:  1. I wanted to be “different,” in what I assumed would be a cool way (I don’t know just go with it) and 2. I was a total daddy’s girl and my dad taught German and knew the language from having lived there, so I hoped it would bring me closer to him and make him proud. I have to say, it was a really good decision, because 16 years later, it’s the skill that got me a job at the company where I now work, and it may end up being my passport to bigger and better things later on (I’ll keep that vague at this point). It also allowed me to enjoy the yearly trek to Wurstfest in high school. I had never been, but was promised there would be beer and that we’d play Spades, so I was in.

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5 Years and Counting

26 Oct

IMG_0128I was trying to come up with a clever opening for this important post. I did Google searches for songs about fifth anniversaries and all I found was a depressing David Bowie track* and a really awful-looking musical. Oh, and this twee number from Noah and the Whale. Ok, that last is actually pretty cute — feel free to play as you read through the rest of this post. Anyway, Zack and I hit our 5 year anniversary from the day we met on October 10, and he took the occasion to surprise me with an amazing resort getaway for the weekend, and reminded me of just how lucky I am to have rode on his shuttle bus.

*This song fits a lot better in Rob Sheffield’s book about his wife who died after just five years together. 

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Tom Hanks Project – “The Polar Express” Review

26 Jul

the-polar-express-movie-poster-2004-1020193993This may be one of my more conflicted Tom Hanks Project reviews, friends. The problem is — before this latest viewing of Robert Zemeckis*’ The Polar Express, this was a film that I told myself I loved. I first watched it** with my family back when it came out in 2004, because the story of The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg was a family favorite and held with it special Christmas magic. I watched it again in 3D with my dad and brother years later, and all of the excitement of the film and pleasure it brought my dad was what I remembered of it. So I felt pretty confident*** in sharing it with Zack.

*The guy directed Forrest Gump, Cast Away and the Back to the Future movies. Then this.

**This was my first viewing. And last. 

***I think at some point you were confident, but the day before we watched, I said “So…I’ve seen that dancing hot chocolate scene and that was terrible. Am I gonna like this at all?” and you said “Oh, you’re going to hate it.” Correct.

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Christmas in July: The Wittbloom Take

22 Jul


When I realized Zack and I were at The Polar Express* in our Hanks reviewing, I felt we could do only one thing — host a Christmas in July**, Wittbloom style. We’d get each other a few presents, have biscuits for breakfast and Christmas cookies for dessert, and drink apple champagne and generally make merry. Happily, Zack was on board with this plan***, and we set to work creating a little winter magic during this hot Texas summer.

*We’ll get to the film in a separate post. Spoiler: Not great. 

**I’m still getting used to Christmas in December. July? Are there fireworks? What is this? 

***I couldn’t say no to Caitlin when I saw how excited she was for it. And I thought it would be a good excuse to get a Hanks ornament. 

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Rock Love Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

7 Jul


Prepare yourselves for the photo dump of the century! We have tons* of amazing photos from the wedding that we want to share, so we’re breaking them down in a few posts. This one features the ceremony, and we’ve included the text from ours — what our officiant said, what we said in our vows, the reading we had our friend Monte do, and the speeches** later in the evening from our dads. Thanks for sharing in our memories, and stay tuned for more amazing photos (featuring serious dance face***).

*634 to be exact, from our incredible photographer Stefano.

**The next few posts will be very picture heavy, but this one’s a lot of words, since we have all the speeches in here, but we’ll try to space it out with some great ceremony pics as well, so stick with us. 

***There are so many ridiculous pictures of all of us making hilarious sweaty dance faces that it made me wish we could get a professional photographer for all our parties.

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A truly “super” friend-filled weekend

5 Feb

collagesuperZack’s dream weekend was a hard act to follow*, but luckily we booked last weekend with just as much laugh-a-minute goodness so that it really just felt like the party kept going. Between comedy, rock, and good old fashioned sports, we really experienced the most all-American** weekend you could hope for.

*It’s not every week Jack White and the Bulls come through Texas.

**I think all the acts we saw are American, so this checks out.

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