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The Week Scooby Tried to Eat Everything*

14 Jun

happy at vet

The week of Scooby madness started late Tuesday night.  I was eating a bowl of grapes in the rock garden while watching the NBA finals as Caitlin put the finishing pink *’s on thank you notes**. My new wife called me into the dining room to have me look over her notes before she put them in envelopes. When I returned to the rock garden, I found an empty bowl of grapes and the vine on the carpet. I had to ask myself how confident I was that I’d eaten them all before leaving the room and settled on 90%. That 10% chance was too much to leave after reading how toxic grapes can be to a dog’s kidneys. So I rushed our hungry pup to the emergency vet*** where they induced vomiting and determined he hadn’t eaten a single grape. So Scooby and I were all smiles late Tuesday night at the emergency vet. We thought we’d made it through the worst of things. Not by a long shot. 

*I was really rooting to name this post, The Honeymoon’s Over Part 2: Someone really needs some goddamn attention.

**I had already forewarned Zack that grapes are poison for dogs, so to please not set them on the ground or anywhere close to where Scooby could get near them.

***While I nervously paced at home.

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Rock Love Wedding: Part 2 – The Main Event

9 Jun

Continued from Part 1

fancy tables

As soon as we walked in, it was like a dream. The room had been decorated exactly as I’d imagined it would — the only mess-up I saw was my own, because I hadn’t remembered to indicate that the Beyonce table should have the sparkly pink table cloth*, so instead it ended up on a side table. Otherwise, the “merch table” that held our mix CD name plate/favors and guitar picks popped right as you walked in the room, the centerpieces were masterfully laid out — perfect shrines to the various music couples**, and the best part was the incredible sweets table, an absolute dream to behold with all of the poofy pink balls and banners and photos of Zack and I***, as well as the treats piled high.

*I obviously never noticed the lack of sparkly pink table cloth. Honestly, it all just washed over me and I was overwhelmed with so many friends and family I loved. I just wanted to hug them all and tell them I loved them. There would be time for that.

**We spent the most time getting all this together, and were thrilled how well it all turned out and that everyone found their tables. And that the trinkets were played with, but we still got them back. Except our Kermit figurine. If anyone knows where that went…

***Originally these pics were up in our apartment as part of the decorating Katie P. helped me with for the proposal, but Caitlin liked them so much we kept them up pretty much all of last year. Continue reading

Rock Love Wedding: Part 1 – Before We Walked Down The Aisle

7 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.28.03 AMHere’s a shock: I was never the girl who planned her wedding from childhood. Although I did dress up as a bride for one particularly fancy Halloween*, I never really dreamed of myself in any particular dress, with any particular decorations** at any particular place. What I did dream about was who I would end up with***. Someone with a somewhat unique name, perhaps, and broad shoulders and a big grin. I would fantasize about how and where we’d meet, and the kinds of things he’d be interested in.  You all know the rest — Caitlin meets Zack, offers ride, falls madly in love … and starts wedding dress shopping before the official proposal. OK, so I had to do at least a little pre-planning.

*I dressed up as a girl for Halloween in 6th grade, does that count?

**I wanted to joke about how I didn’t really care about these things either, but I was pretty opinionated when it came time to make most decisions. I wanted to utilize our blog colors, include rock couples and make it as much “us” as possible. 

***This was always the only part that really mattered to me as well. 

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A truly “super” friend-filled weekend

5 Feb

collagesuperZack’s dream weekend was a hard act to follow*, but luckily we booked last weekend with just as much laugh-a-minute goodness so that it really just felt like the party kept going. Between comedy, rock, and good old fashioned sports, we really experienced the most all-American** weekend you could hope for.

*It’s not every week Jack White and the Bulls come through Texas.

**I think all the acts we saw are American, so this checks out.

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A Wedding, a Chanukah Party and a Fredericksburg Trip

24 Dec

IMG_2844We have a lot to catch up on. Usually we’re quick to post about traveling to weddings, our annual Chanukah party and a day trip, but somewhere between me breaking my foot, Caitlin being sick and both of us working right through the holidays, we got a bit behind, so let’s fly through the last month. The pic above is us right before we left for our work holiday party. The less that’s said about that night the better, but suffice to say we should have probably made extra sure we knew which Hilton we were going to and if one of us is phone-less, we shouldn’t separate*. Let’s move on.

*Very diplomatic. I’ll simply second the fact that we should move on from this particular event (even though we both look amazing). Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – A Second Helping of Hanksgiving

30 Nov

hanksgivingOur Thanksgiving begins and ends the same way every year. We start early Thursday morning with Caitlin in her pajamas at her dad’s house, gleefully waiting for Santa to come by on the Macy’s Day Float, as I anxiously wait to flip over to the football game*. Then, after two days of eating turkey and tofurkey, drinking Riesling and Shiner Cheer and enjoying card games with family and some record shopping, we end the holiday at the Alamo Drafthouse for Master Pancake’s “Hanksgiving.” OK, this is only our second year of “Hanksgiving,” but after we had so much fun last year, I insisted we go back, now that we’re so much further along in our Hanks Project.

*Zack was very patient this year, letting me watch until the very last parade moment.
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Zack’s 30th Birthday Surprises

11 Nov


Planning my birthday since I’ve been in Austin has been super easy. Just go to Fun Fun Fun Fest and maybe get a meal with friends. Caitlin, being the sweetheart that she is, wanted to do something extra special for my 30th. I found out that she started planning this even before my 29th. Caitlin telling me, “Don’t look at my phone this weekend!” was the only clue I had about a birthday surprise. That actually helped narrow it down quite a bit*.

I figured it had to be an out of town visitor, since why else would who she’s texting with be a clue as to the surprise**. With Andy and Jordy in Baltimore for a wedding and my dad having just visited, I hoped it would be my sister Suzy. She’d yet to visit Austin, but she’d just traveled to Vegas the weekend before. Surely, she wouldn’t be able to come all the way from Jackson Hole, Wyoming just for my birthday.

*I really wanted to try to not say ANYTHING about anything, but 1) Zack looks at my phone a lot, as would anyone who is curious when a “ding” goes off, and 2)Just like Zack with the engagement surprise, the closer we get to surprising the other person, the worse we get at keeping it from them.

**I don’t understand why he jumped to this conclusion – if it were me, I would have just thought, got it, don’t look at texts because there *is* a surprise. I don’t think I said anything about, “Don’t even look at who it is!” Whatever, he outsmarted me here.

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