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Rock Love Wedding Cake

4 Nov

triplecakeOne of our favorite treats during our trip to New York City this summer was Crack Pie from Momofuku’s Milk Bar. Consistently melt-in-your-mouth delicious and endlessly addictive, it was wheat-and-sugar-based perfection. We also loved their frozen yogurt* varieties, and I adored their Confetti Cookies, which were moist and gooey amazingness. They could do no wrong — so when we realized that they also crafted absolutely gorgeous, unfrosted-on-the-outside wedding cakes, we felt confident that we’d found our bakers for our wedding. First, we “had” to do a** tasting.

*The cereal fro yo is ridiculously good. I don’t understand how they capture that taste so well.

**Let’s be real. Caitlin wanted to do *a* tasting every month. It would be a great idea to have a monthly tasting it wasn’t $50+ for shipping

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Halloween 2014 – The Muppets go to Qui & out drinking

2 Nov



How good was Caitlin’s costume? She got in full costume and make-up while I was sleeping Friday morning and when she woke me up, I was genuinely startled. I did a double take and was completely taken aback*. After we laughed at my reaction, she went to work in costume** and I saw a double feature of “Birdman” & “John Wick” before getting into costume by the time she got home.  After four years of being rock stars that required an explanation for most people to know who we were, we had our most successful costume to date being Janice and Floyd Pepper from the Muppets band***. It was the most labor intensive costume I’ve ever done and Caitlin went all out with a full body suit and we both used face paint for the first time. Once we were in costume, we had a delightful romp around our neighborhood, starting with the candy tasting menu at our favorite restaurant, Qui.

*I wish I could somehow share the mental snapshot I have of Zack’s face when I woke up him. Wide, unfamiliar eyes and a barely-open mouth with a deep breath in. It was hilarious/I felt kind of bad about it.

**I frightened a lot more people at work.

***We definitely got recognized a lot more easily, but I still found myself explaining to more than one person, “No, I’m not Jem.” “No, I’m not Sick Blossom.” “No, I’m not a Cheeto.” Continue reading

Double Date at Oddball Fest 2014

22 Sep

oddball2014In a night full of big laughs from some of the best comedians in the world, some of the biggest laughs came from a seemingly unspoken bet among the comedians to see who could get the ASL performer to sign the most obscene phrase. What’s the sign for “squirting?” (the one thing Whitney Cummings won’t do.) How does the sign for “Cumming” differ from “Cooming” (a phrase Louis C.K. supposedly says to freak women out.) And how do you even begin to sign for “Vaginer,” the word Louis CK thinks sounds better and more actionable than the proper word. I apologize, what’s the sign for “I’m getting ahead of myself.”

After we adored last year’s inaugural Oddball Comedy Festival, there was no question we’d be back for this year’s fest, especially once we saw last year’s favorite Hannibal Buress and the rest of the stacked line-up. We brought a couple of oddballs dear friends along with us. It was especially fitting to take Madison and Katie, since I met the couple at Moontower Comedy fest earlier this year, and we’d seen both Marc Maron and host Brody Stevens there together as well. Last year, Austin was treated to the first night of Oddball on a Friday night, which gave it a fresh, kinetic vibe. This year we got the final night of the tour, on a Sunday, which made for more of a subdued, honed-in, victory lap of a show*, but a joyous one at that. Let’s get into it.

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Rock Love Oregon

29 Aug

us being cuteCaitlin and I recently made a list of cities we needed to visit. Seattle was really high up there. I still need to take us to Bloomington one fall and we should see more of the East Coast together. But #1 on our list was Austin’s sister city of Portland. When we found out that my cousin Amy was getting married in Medford, Oregon, just a few hours away from Portland, and my cousin and aunt would be extending their trip an extra day, we decided to make it a long weekend and explore Oregon together. In the spirit of it being a Teibloom family trip, here’s the Blow By Blow (BBB) of our four five day Pacific Northwest trip. Continue reading

Rock Love Austin: NYC, My Sweet

9 Jun


When we were in Paris, I came upon a book with a really beautiful cover called Paris, My Sweet:  A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate). Amused by the title, I read the summary to see if this would be a book I might enjoy. Would it ever. I discovered that this was a book about a woman from New York City who got an opportunity to live in Paris for a few years for work, and who was obsessed with all things sweets and documented a sort of compare/contrast list of best-of sweet shops in both of my most romanticized urban giants. I was sold, and read the book on the flight home to Austin, dreaming of a time when I could visit as many* of the sweet shops described in the pages as possible.

*She’s not kidding. This was a serious list. I didn’t think we’d get to more than 3-4. I was wrong.

So, when it came to planning out our New York City trip, my first order of business was flipping back through the book and writing down the names of two pages’ worth of sweets shops, from the best place for french toast to the most delicious chocolates. Apart from this list, there wasn’t much else on my must-do agenda*, apart from at least one Broadway show, a trip to the Hayden, and some time in Central Park. And, thanks to author Amy Thomas, Zack and I ensured that our trip was, quite literally, one of the sweetest we’d ever taken. Of course, we had to eat some substantial meals as well, and there, we got a little help from our friends. Read on for our ranking** of the best food we had on our trip (spoiler:  basically everything was the best).

*My must do list was bike in central park, see good stand-up comedy and a Broadway play.

**Technically not a ranking. More of an awards type of deal. 

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The Boys’ First Easter: No Bunnies Allowed

22 Apr


Zack had never enjoyed a proper Easter before, and since the candy at Easter is some of the best candy year-round, I knew it was time to introduce him to the holiday. Zack is Jewish*, and I’m agnostic and questioning, so there were no religious ties for us, but I still find it to be a nice holiday for reflection and yummy treats. After (very) unsuccessfully** trying to get him in the spirit of things by showing him Jesus Christ Superstar clips, I decided to go right for the candy. 

*And I super appreciate Caitlin being so open to celebrating Chanukah with me every year.

**It went over about as well as if I’d tried to describe Doyle Brunson’s Power Poker to Caitlin. Just a blank look and zero follow-up questions.

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Champagne & Dinner at Mettle

6 Feb

catsproutsWell helloooo, there! On a windswept Friday night, Zack and I decided to mix things up and try a new restaurant that opened up just a few blocks down the street from us. Mettle is as far east as you can go on 6th street in Austin — it is right at the corner where 6th dead-ends. It looked really cool, so Zack and I were curious if it tasted just as good. Happily, we were very pleasantly surprised. The portions were reasonable but not overwhelming, the prices were upscale but not bank-breaking, and the service was friendly, fun, and very Frank* (shout-out to you, Frank!) without feeling like we were being hounded, and without forcing Zack to do the thing he hates most in this world: tasting the wine** before we drink it full-on.

*I think she means “Frank” like “let me be Frank,” not the gourmet hot dog place on 4th and Colorado. Also, our servers name was/is Frank.

**I’m not shy, but boy do I hate it when they pour me 1/6 of a glass of wine from a bottle and expect me to sip it in front of them and give my opinion. As I told Frank, “I drink $7 bottles of Champagne. I’m going to enjoy this. I promise.” And we did.

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