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Danny & Nikki come to Austin

11 Jun


We really had every intention of making it to the Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse. We set the alarm for 9:45 to give ourselves enough time for showering and ready-getting. We didn’t go to the NTSF:SD:SUV:: after party, in hopes of getting some much-needed shut-eye. And yet, when the alarm tolled early the next morning, we struggled. I felt a cold coming on, with a horrible sniffly nose, and I could just envision falling apart later that day when we were supposed to pick up our friends from the airport. I started to lean toward sending Zack on alone*, but he was a gentleman and decided the two of us sleeping in would make for a more relaxing morning**.

*If it was a live show, I would have seriously considered it, but it was just a screening of an episode of the show that will be out next month anyway.

**And successful night. Bar hopping is no fun if you’re exhausted.

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Rita tasting at Bar Matador

3 Jun


This sign for a “Margarita Bar” caught my eye as I biked down E. 6th street a couple weeks ago. Seeing as how we live on E. 6th and have an entire section of our blog dedicated to ‘Ritas, it was only a matter of time before we tried out Bar Matador. We almost made it there Friday night, but after sharing a bottle of rosé we got at our weekly East End Wines tasting that we paired with soba noodles and veggies, we ended up hanging in as Caitlin baked me the lemon squares from our triathlon bet.

Grabbing a couple ‘ritas before a midnight All My Friends concert wasn’t in the cards once we had fresh baked goods to eat and a Scooby to cuddle. Saturday night lined up better for the rita tasting. We enjoyed a 5 p.m. showing of “Frances Ha,” and found out that the unmarked restaurant down the street on E. 6th that intrigued me so* was in fact Qui, but it wasn’t quite open yet, so we settled for our old favorite spot, Rio’s Brazilian Cafe. After letting our stomach’s settle, we hopped on our bikes, headed west and found our favorite new hole in the wall.

*”Intrigued” is hardly a strong enough word. Zack has been borderline obsessed with this nameless white building, going on questioning tangents that I have no answers for every time we pass. “What kind of food is it? What’s the name of it?! IS IT EVEN OPEN???” Glad we answered some of those for him. Continue reading

Best of RLA ‘Ritas Recipes

18 Apr

best of margs

Last week I went to whip up a batch of ‘ritas and forgot the recipe. I had to flip through pages of old RLA posts on my phone and after I finally found the Halloween post with the recipe, I realized I’d left off the part about adding the can of limeade. To make things simple, I figured why not just put all the recipes we’ve tried so far into one post with an easy guide on how to make them, a note on preparation and a quick analysis of how they turned out*.

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Purple Rain Ritas

9 Apr


When Caitlin realized that not only had I never seen Prince’s 1984 classic “Purple Rain,” but our music film loving friends Lisa and Eric hadn’t seen it either, we had to correct that immediately. And what a great occasion to make our first batch of purple prince inspired ‘Ritas. Lisa and Eric offered to host, cook dinner and project the movie on their wall. All we had to do was bring materials for, and make, the ‘Ritas. Our pleasure.

Prior to the movie, Eric cooked us all fresh and amazing fajitas consisting of tons of grilled veggies, grilled tortillas, and some great sides like beans, sour cream, and cheese to mix in. We also had chips with salsa and queso, and perhaps my favorite item, grilled corn on the cob, rolled in an amazing mayonnaise/sour cream/spicy mixture with chunks of parmesan on top. Mm, mm, good. Lisa also made some fresh frozen yogurt which Zack gave two very happy thumbs up to (I was still too full from dinner to participate in eating it). Lisa and Eric’s new daughter Bea gave us adorable smiles in between nomming time, and the whole family were gracious and fantastic hosts, as always.

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Weekend in Dallas with Caitlin’s Mom & 3 Dogs

31 Mar

allofthedogsZack and I both forgot that a holiday was upon us this past weekend*, but because our beloved Chicago Bulls were playing the Dallas Mavericks and my mom lives just outside of the big city, we felt it’d be a great excuse for a long weekend of family and relaxation. My mom’s family got bigger since we last visited her — instead of just her and my stepdad Scott, they now have two “little ones” in the form of Browndogg and Cinnamon, their sister Airedale terriers.

*Texas Relays weekend! Oh, right. Easter. We bought these basketball tickets in like November, so we didn’t really consider anything except ‘Is this during SXSW?’ 

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2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

22 Oct

Our pumpkin carving party has quickly become one of my favorite traditions we’ve started together. We have a handful of friends come over a week or two before Halloween, carve pumpkins, drink pumpkin beer and orange ‘ritas and have some pumpkin snacks. I like to have both hands free to eat and drink, but I enjoy watching other people carve and this year I had the added bonus of being in charge of keeping Scooby from terrorizing everyone*.

*If you shut your eyes and believed he was a wolf, he added to the atmosphere with his constant howling and barking, really. Continue reading

The Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita

11 Sep

It all started with a dollar sale at Twin Liquors a couple weeks ago. I mistakenly heard dollar sale and thought they were selling bottles of wine for a dollar. My mom would be so proud. What they really meant was that their bottles were a dollar above cost. Still enjoying a good deal, I loaded up on a handle of crown, three bottles of red wine (two bottles for $5 each and a $27 bottle to see if we could tell which one was cheaper) and a bottle of nice tequila. That tequila had a destination, and that destination was a homemade batch of ‘ritas. Since Caitlin is a Strawberry ‘rita fiend, I figured we’d make a batch of her favorite. I looked up a few recipes and found rave reviews for one on  dubbed “The Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita.” Was it ever.

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