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Trudy’s? More Like Rude-y’s (Salty Service, Not Salty Rims)

16 Jul

Zack and I met our friend Caitlin D*. on the Twitters, and we’ve gotten to know her better and better over the past year. Two months ago, she met an adorable and sweet-hearted mustachioed dude named Kevin McAllister (yeah we know, the same name as the kid in Home Alone**, hurr hurr) and they have been dating ever since. Since Zack and I love couple friends, double dates and bowling, we figured we’d combine all three this past Friday night***. After Zack and Kevin showed the Caitlins wussup on the lanes, we decided they should celebrate their victory/we should drown our sorrows in some ‘ritas. (Editor’s note:  I totally admit I was the worst bowler of the night, but I still enjoyed myself significantly. Zack got to sport his brand new bowling shoes he bought online, and C.D. won for most entertaining bowler of the night, though Kevin was the smoothest, throwing the ball down so it would skate the edge and then curve right**** into many strikes.)

*AKA The Other Caitlin (or T.O.C.)


***We even did the same thing last weekend with Lisa and Eric, minus the ‘ritas but plus dinner.

****In other words, he throws a hook shot. Kevin’s an old pro who just left his ball at home.

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Bad Mamma Jamma at Spider House

8 Jul

The stars aligned for a trip to Spider House Saturday night, when our friends Melissa and Monte both suggested it independent of each other. I’d never been to the campus spot that Caitlin calls her old stomping ground, so we headed there with hopes for a tall, cold rita. We didn’t expect one this tall. After scanning the menu and only seeing a cucumber margarita, we came across the “Bad Mamma Jamma” described as a “32 oz frozen margarita with a shot of Hornitos & a Pacifico combined. Limit one per customer. $16.75” Clearly, I was sold on it. Caitlin wasn’t quite as sure. *I knew I wanted a margarita, and I was jonesing for a strawberry (shocking no one), so I was open to this behemoth simply because a cucumber ‘rita sounded terrible to me. When we saw the thing…cue my face. Continue reading

Pelóns Real Strawberry ‘Rita

5 Jun

I don’t think either of us had any intention of getting a Margarita when we left the apartment Friday night. Caitlin had a plus one for Two Door Cinema Club and was gracious enough to take me. When we got to the window at Stubbs, the woman working will call stopped texting long enough to tell us she wasn’t on the list*. Welp. Caitlin had already gotten all dressed up and asked if I at least wanted to get a drink while we were out. Why not? We happened to be right in front of Pelóns, a brand new Mexican place in Austin that I’d been curious to try. You’re never going to believe it. They had margaritas.

*Seriously, this chick was SO rude. I understand people are probably trying to scam you on the reg, and I’m sorry for that. But that doesn’t mean we all are, or that you should take a shitty, pessimistic attitude to all of us because a few people suck. I was legitimately supposed to be on the list, and could have proved it. /rant. Continue reading

Guero’s Hair of the Dog Rita

28 Feb

Caitlin and I go on our fair share of double dates, but this weekend we got to have our first double date weekend, as my high school (and college) friend Sam and his wife Brittany came from Indianapolis to make the weekend of it in Austin*. Sam’s a loyal reader of the blog and insisted we get ‘ritas. We were more than happy to oblige. On Friday, he and I overdid it, to say the least.* If you read that footnote, you’ll understand why we didn’t want to drink on Saturday. Even though the gents were still hungover in late afternoon, we had to try the old “hair of the dog” trick and tried the raspberry, sangria and strawberry ‘ritas at Guero’s on South congress.

*I went to three liquor stores to track down some Austin Beer Works for us. We had three each before heading to a delicious dinner at 2nd Bar and Kitchen, where we had another beer. Then it was off to Halcyon for two top shelf bourbons on the rocks and then a treacherous trip down 6th street where we stopped off for every appealing “$1 wells!” shout out from door guys. Big mistake. Sam got sick two songs into Quiet Company’s show and I was pretty much blacked out on my walk home with Caitlin**.

*Sam and Brittany were absolute joys to host; easygoing and up for pretty much any and everything. We hope to visit them and their dog Treat when we are able to get up to Indianapolis!

**It was freezing cold on our close-to-two-mile walk home, to the point where I lost feeling in my fingers and nose, but Zack kept trying to stop us in the middle of the walk to profess his love. Normally adorable, but perhaps a touch misplaced. Still, I love that he is affectionate when he’s been…ahem…enjoying himself.

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Iron Cactus: Setting The ‘Rita Bar Low

16 Feb

Caitlin and I came to Iron Cactus once in the dog days of Austin’s brutal 2011 summer and thoroughly enjoyed our frozen margaritas. I think we’re learning our first lesson of ‘rita blogging. Any frozen drink tastes great when it’s 100 degrees outside. It was a whole different story when we came back in February. After a wonderful Little Lo set at The Parish, we decided to take a break from the Oh Snap! Festival to duck in for a drink. We sat down at the bar and I asked for a drink menu, to look at their margarita options. I still can’t process why the bartender didn’t agree to that request. They have an extensive, multi-page drink list on their website. I’m pretty sure they have something in the restaurant. Instead, he forced me to ask like five follow-up questions to find out they had strawberry, mango and prickly pear and a variety of tequilas. None of which he named. It was incredibly frustrating and extremely unnecessary. It only got worse when the drinks came. Continue reading

Viva Vivo’s Margaritas

29 Jan

It’s been a quiet time on Rock Love Austin since the holidays, but January has been busy for us. Caitlin’s been settling into her new role as Austin’s Employee Enrichment head at Apple, and I’ve had some exciting job news that I can share with you soon. It had been way too long since we’d had a ‘Rita, and Vivo had a Groupon this week, so we headed in for some drinks and dinner Friday night*. There was a 45-minute wait for a table, so we had a couple ‘Ritas on the patio. Caitlin went for the straight Strawberry and I had a Strawberry and Mango** mix while we devoured chips and salsa***.

*We were really going out to celebrate Zack’s aforementioned yet-to-be-announced job news. 2012 has been very, very good to us already. It’s going to be an amazing year.

**Zack had the blog in mind when he was ordering, which made him kinda spazzy (self-described). He was trying to go for something that would look great, and he’d seen a photo of a frozen drink on the menu that was gorgeous. The waitress told him it was the cactus pear, and he said that didn’t sound great but insisted he wanted to know what was in the photo (although he’d just been told…) He said he was interested in maybe mixing two flavors in one to get a pretty swirl effect in his glass, but the waitress kindly explained that the only flavors that would work would be the strawberry and mango – everything else would likely taste odd. He offered up a few ideas, but the waitress again said she felt the strawberry and mango mix would be the only two that would be complimentary. It was quite an adventure. I felt like I was on Seinfeld. It was way more “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but Caitlin hasn’t seen that show, so yeah, Seinfeld totally works. 

***Curse their delicious chips. We were starving so we both wasted most of our appetites on these salty morsels. Continue reading

Halloween Ritas

2 Nov

The Wittbloom Pumpkin Carving party was my turn to get drunk. I agreed to drive Caitlin to Saturday’s party (since  I work at 6 am on Sunday), so Friday was my time to get three sheets to the wind. And then throw those sheets over myself and say I was a ghost. The plan was to have a bunch of pumpkin beer, but pumpkin beer is heavy and I wanted to get “he shouldn’t be holding a knife to carve a pumpkin” drunk. The answer? Ritas. But how to make them festive? Should we use orange juice instead of limeade? No, no. Orange food dye! Wait, orange food dye wasn’t sold at our HEB*. But red and yellow were! Game on.

 *Zack attempted to purchase orange extract initially, but I stopped this from occurring. Food dye is a Wittlif/Janas staple, because we’re baking fiends and love to add color to our plate, so I (thankfully) knew the difference between dye and flavoring.

We kept the same recipe for the Ritas. Fill the blender 3/4 full w/ ice, add the can of frozen limeade,  4 oz of your favorite tequila, 2 oz of orange liqueur and half a can of Mexican beer and garnish w/ lime and salt. The only addition was 2 drops of red food dye and 10 drops of yellow food dye. The Ritas tasted good as ever, were festive and I ended up on the porch, yelling at bikers and was not allowed to carve a pumpkin. Success.