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West Coast Trip 2016 Pt. 3 – San Diego

28 Jan

IMG_0802We arrived in sunny San Diego Thursday afternoon and were picked up by my dad and his girlfriend, Susan. It was our first chance to meet her and we had every confidence we’d get along swimmingly and, of course, we did*. We chatted with them, catching them up on stories from our trip thus far as they drove us to my aunt’s condo, where we’d be staying the next four nights. We looked forward to a relaxing last leg of our trip, with just a night of Seinfeld and a trip to the famous San Diego Zoo scheduled. The rest of the time we’d be content to spend with family**.  

*Susan was super warm and welcoming, which we appreciated very much!

**And in….THE TANK. Aunt Tabby got us completely hooked on Shark Tank, and we spent a lot of relaxation time judging people’s products and pitches.

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West Coast Trip 2016 Pt. 2 – Las Vegas

25 Jan

vegasfrontI had a few goals in taking Caitlin to Vegas for her first time. I wanted us to stay in a nice, clean hotel. I wanted to keep her away from the seedy areas of Vegas where guys hand out cards for prostitutes*. I wanted to eat and drink well and see a couple shows**. I wanted to make some $$ and have fun doing it. I’m happy to report we accomplished all this in our three days in Vegas.

*Like…business cards? I hope it’s that and not “drink ticket”-style:(

**He wanted ME to see a couple shows, while he gambled — which I was totally fine with. Continue reading

RLA’s 2016 “Resolutions”

3 Jan


When I pulled up the blog to add this post just now, I was shocked at how much time had passed since our last post. It’s been a busy — but mostly amazing — holiday season in the Teibloom household, with lots of decorating* and party-having** and shopping for and opening presents. We tried to get together a post on our rankings of the best holiday movies, but we just didn’t hatch the plan early enough and decided to save it for next year when we can make it more all-encompassing.

*Menorrahs and a Christmas tree and stockings and dreidels and more Christmas lights and ornaments than ever.

**Our annual pumpkin carving party got rained out, but we rocked the Chanukah party again.

Last year, we rung in the new year by reflecting on the one gone by. This year, we considered a best-of roundup or a commentary on how we spent our New Year’s Eve and Day — but honestly, 2015 was so monumental in so many ways (WE GOT MARRIED!) and we covered it so thoroughly already, I think it’s best that we look to the future. Plus, our NYE turned super tame because I caught a horrific stomach bug (my first in almost 10 years*) that kept me up all night Tuesday into Wednesday morning, emptying my body of anything I’d ever consumed, apparently, and I’m honestly still getting back to where I can eat regularly** or start doing physical activities again. With all of that, we decided the best thing to do was live in the moment with an eye to the future. Instead of typical New Year’s resolutions, we are going to share our 30 before 30 and 32 before 32 lists***, because 2016 is the year I turn 29, and with as much as I want to accomplish, I am going to use the extra 2 1/2 months I have to get an early jump-start on these goals and dreams.

*Caitlin had a Seinfeld-ian vomit-free streak that sadly came to an end.

**Her diet of rice, saltines, Sprite and popsicles were not the NYE feast we were planning on.

***We’ll get through Caitlin’s 30 in this post and post mine separately later this week.

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Halloween Couples Costume 2015 – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham

1 Nov


If anything, I’m surprised it took us this long to dress as Stevie and Lindsey*. Caitlin’s been pushing for it for years, often dressing like Stevie on non-Halloween days**. I was worried I couldn’t pull off Lindsey and that no one would know who we were. Of course, Caitlin pulled off a perfect Stevie. I think I did a decent job with Lindsey***. And it may not have been our most recognized costume, but we loved doing it and those who got it really appreciated it.

*SOMEbody was not thrilled to dress as “a guy from the 70s” (what he thought everyone would think he was dressed as), which is really why it took us this long. I knew that the coolest people would get it.

**She’s one of my heroes, what can I say.

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Rock Love Wedding: Part 2 – The Main Event

9 Jun

Continued from Part 1

fancy tables

As soon as we walked in, it was like a dream. The room had been decorated exactly as I’d imagined it would — the only mess-up I saw was my own, because I hadn’t remembered to indicate that the Beyonce table should have the sparkly pink table cloth*, so instead it ended up on a side table. Otherwise, the “merch table” that held our mix CD name plate/favors and guitar picks popped right as you walked in the room, the centerpieces were masterfully laid out — perfect shrines to the various music couples**, and the best part was the incredible sweets table, an absolute dream to behold with all of the poofy pink balls and banners and photos of Zack and I***, as well as the treats piled high.

*I obviously never noticed the lack of sparkly pink table cloth. Honestly, it all just washed over me and I was overwhelmed with so many friends and family I loved. I just wanted to hug them all and tell them I loved them. There would be time for that.

**We spent the most time getting all this together, and were thrilled how well it all turned out and that everyone found their tables. And that the trinkets were played with, but we still got them back. Except our Kermit figurine. If anyone knows where that went…

***Originally these pics were up in our apartment as part of the decorating Katie P. helped me with for the proposal, but Caitlin liked them so much we kept them up pretty much all of last year. Continue reading

A truly “super” friend-filled weekend

5 Feb

collagesuperZack’s dream weekend was a hard act to follow*, but luckily we booked last weekend with just as much laugh-a-minute goodness so that it really just felt like the party kept going. Between comedy, rock, and good old fashioned sports, we really experienced the most all-American** weekend you could hope for.

*It’s not every week Jack White and the Bulls come through Texas.

**I think all the acts we saw are American, so this checks out.

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Zack’s Dream weekend of Bulls & Jack White

30 Jan

bullsgameTwo nights of Jack White in Austin would have been enough to make a dream weekend for me. Getting to go on a road trip to Dallas with Caitlin was just spoiling me. My dear fiancé treated me to Bulls tickets as a Christmas present to go along with an awesome 90’s Bulls leather jacket. The dates fell just right so we could go to Dallas for Friday night’s Bulls game and get back for Saturday and Sunday Jack White shows. I was planning on running the 3M half marathon with Caitlin’s dad Sunday morning, but I’m still recovering from my broken foot, so the best we could do was go root Lance on as he ran the 13.1 miles in the cold by himself. It was a great, exhausting weekend and we weren’t even the ones running the half marathon. Continue reading