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Scooby DNA Revealed

5 Feb


We’d always wondered what breed Scooby was. The day we adopted him at Austin Pets Alive, in April 2012, he was listed as an Australian Shepherd, but that didn’t seem right. We could clearly identify the German Shepherd marking on his forehead. He was certainly a mutt of some kind, but what else? Maybe a Basenji? Shiba Inu? We’d get different guesses from everyone who’d meet him at the dog park, but we wanted to know for sure. Still, it’s rare to feel like you have an extra $80 to spend on a dog DNA test. That is until Scooby started pulling his own weight around here. He got a small gig in an IAMS Facebook ad*, making us $150 which we figured we could blow half of on the test.

*I was in it, too, but I was definitely not the star of the show. Continue reading


Zack’s 31st Birthday Surgery Weekend

10 Nov


I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday this year. After finding out I had arthritis in my foot, I wanted to schedule the surgery to fuse the joints as soon as possible. I wanted it to be after Halloween, since I was excited for our costumes, but I figured a long weekend over my birthday weekend would be a good time to do it. That way, I’d get to have a long relaxing weekend at home and would hopefully be healed in time to walk around LA, Vegas and San Diego for our January trip. Still, that meant no going out or drinking or Fun Fun Fun fest* on my birthday, as has been the plan every year since I moved to Austin. I told Caitlin I really didn’t want to do anything, but she insisted on doing something special** and she ended up making it one of my favorite birthdays yet.

*This was the hardest pill to swallow.

**I wanted to be the Leslie Knope to Zack’s Ron Swanson this year and not do some big huge party that he didn’t want, but rather allow him to choose his own adventure. Continue reading

Christmas in July: The Wittbloom Take

22 Jul


When I realized Zack and I were at The Polar Express* in our Hanks reviewing, I felt we could do only one thing — host a Christmas in July**, Wittbloom style. We’d get each other a few presents, have biscuits for breakfast and Christmas cookies for dessert, and drink apple champagne and generally make merry. Happily, Zack was on board with this plan***, and we set to work creating a little winter magic during this hot Texas summer.

*We’ll get to the film in a separate post. Spoiler: Not great. 

**I’m still getting used to Christmas in December. July? Are there fireworks? What is this? 

***I couldn’t say no to Caitlin when I saw how excited she was for it. And I thought it would be a good excuse to get a Hanks ornament. 

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The Week Scooby Tried to Eat Everything*

14 Jun

happy at vet

The week of Scooby madness started late Tuesday night.  I was eating a bowl of grapes in the rock garden while watching the NBA finals as Caitlin put the finishing pink *’s on thank you notes**. My new wife called me into the dining room to have me look over her notes before she put them in envelopes. When I returned to the rock garden, I found an empty bowl of grapes and the vine on the carpet. I had to ask myself how confident I was that I’d eaten them all before leaving the room and settled on 90%. That 10% chance was too much to leave after reading how toxic grapes can be to a dog’s kidneys. So I rushed our hungry pup to the emergency vet*** where they induced vomiting and determined he hadn’t eaten a single grape. So Scooby and I were all smiles late Tuesday night at the emergency vet. We thought we’d made it through the worst of things. Not by a long shot. 

*I was really rooting to name this post, The Honeymoon’s Over Part 2: Someone really needs some goddamn attention.

**I had already forewarned Zack that grapes are poison for dogs, so to please not set them on the ground or anywhere close to where Scooby could get near them.

***While I nervously paced at home.

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Happy 6th Birthday, Scooby!

25 Nov

scooby bday

I’ve never owned a dog, so I wondered if year six would be when Scooby started to act like less of a puppy. I mean, he is 42 in dog years now. Maybe he’d be a more chilled out version of his hyper self. Nope. He’s still crazy after all these years, our Scoobus. He still runs around in crazy Scooby circles after a bath or when he’s riled up and restless*. He’s still a fiend for treats and a cuddle addict. He still tried to run away at the sight of a horse**. He’s a rascal, but we sure do love the guy. Here’s our best pictures and videos of Scooby’s sixth year, but first a recap of our birthday celebration.

*Or whenever he feels like it, as he did today after much walking and treats and attention.

**This was under my watch and the most horrifying 20 minutes of probably my entire life. Continue reading

The Boys’ First Easter: No Bunnies Allowed

22 Apr


Zack had never enjoyed a proper Easter before, and since the candy at Easter is some of the best candy year-round, I knew it was time to introduce him to the holiday. Zack is Jewish*, and I’m agnostic and questioning, so there were no religious ties for us, but I still find it to be a nice holiday for reflection and yummy treats. After (very) unsuccessfully** trying to get him in the spirit of things by showing him Jesus Christ Superstar clips, I decided to go right for the candy. 

*And I super appreciate Caitlin being so open to celebrating Chanukah with me every year.

**It went over about as well as if I’d tried to describe Doyle Brunson’s Power Poker to Caitlin. Just a blank look and zero follow-up questions.

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Wittbloom 2014 Grammy’s Recap

28 Jan

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 7.02.43 AM

With pink champagne, food from Rio’s and French macaroons, we camped out on the couch with Scooby to watch the Grammy’s last night*. But before Caitlin could even get her Bey headband on and settle in, the opening notes of “Drunk in Love” were playing and she was still getting ready. I yelled “IT’S BEYONCE TIME!” and she ran in and turned off the lights and started bouncing/dancing around the room. Beyonce was as incredible as ever** and her chemistry with a tuxedo’d Jay (not to mention the chair) was electric***. The show could have ended right there and we’d have been happy, but we still had Daft Punk & Stevie and Paul & Ringo and Willie and more to come. It wasn’t perfect, and we had our share of complaints, but it was a really fun Grammy’s if I do say so myself. If I do say so myself.

*We also had super fancy made-in-France chocolate. We know how to have ourselves a Wittbloom-only Grammy party, y’all.

**She was SPECTACULAR. A fierce force of sexual ownership and womanhood to be reckoned with.

***They were the CUTEST!!! Continue reading