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A Slow Motion Kind of Weekend

16 Dec

scoobyxmasCaitlin and I wanted to take it easy with a nice, slow weekend*. I picked up Rio’s Brazilian food and we settled in with the best surprise in the Tom Hanks Project to date and DVD sets of “Daria” and “Monk.” But what really made the weekend move in slow motion was that I got an iPhone 5s and was compulsively taking advantage of the “slo mo” video feature to capture our lazy weekend. Not surprisingly, most of the videos are of Scooby, but there’s some hot cocoa mixing and dreidel spinning in there as well. Here’s 10 under-20-second videos that captured our weekend at home with Scoobs.

*Everyone should have these kinds of weekends when it’s cold outside! Continue reading


Happy 5th Birthday, Scooby!

25 Nov

IMG_4128Our little guy turns 5 today! We’ve been lucky to have him for 1/3 of his life, and we’re looking forward to many, many more sweet memories*. It was another great year with our Scoobs. He celebrated his first holiday season with us**, took his first trip to Dallas to meet his dog cousins and had all sorts of adventures in Austin. I took this picture in the first hour after we got back from Europe. He loved his time with Caitlin’s mom and Scott and Cinnamon and Brown Dogg***, but he knows where his home is.  I expected pure jubilation on our return, but I read his emotions as more complex. He seemed like after three weeks of doubt, he could finally relax and know that we would never return him to a kennel or send him to a new home, as his previous two owners had done. Scooby knew then that he’s ours forever now. For his fifth birthday, we’d like to each write up five things he does that warm our hearts.

*I really can’t remember life before Scooby now, and I wouldn’t want to.

**He didn’t destroy our decorations! I was very proud of him for that. His tail hit the tree many times, but no harm, no foul.

***When they came to visit us later on, Scooby showed nothing but excitement to have his blended family all together. Continue reading

Scooby Goes to Camp

9 Sep


With Caitlin’s mom being generous enough to offer to watch Scooby for two weeks while we’re in Europe, the least we could do was bring him to her. Caitlin worked from home Friday and arranged to be done at 3 so we could pile in the car with Scooby in her lap and a rickety back window that wouldn’t stay up and head up to Dallas. With Scooby digging his claws into Caitlin’s legs and cutting them up and my window rolling down involuntarily somewhere between 40 and 3,000 times, it wasn’t the most relaxing car ride*. But thanks to the awesome 90’s mix and 2013 favorites mix CDs Caitlin burned,  we made it to her mom’s in time for dinner*****

*Indeed. Zack was a champion, though, and kept pushing the window up as he was driving (he was safe, mom, I swear) and letting me complain every now and again when Scooby would decide he wanted to shift around a bit turning my legs to chopped up meat.

**And, truth be told, Scooby did a really, really excellent job. We didn’t stop to get out once on the entire three hour car ride. He was a trooper.

***Also OMG can we just talk about his smile in that photo, above?! IT’S MELTING ME!!! Continue reading

What rocker would Scooby be?

8 Aug

scoobyrockWe took Scooby for a walk around Zilker park last weekend and came upon the stage for Blues on the Green. Seeing both Scooby and the stage in front of me, I asked Caitlin, “What instrument would Scooby play if he was in a band?” We went back and forth between lead guitar and drums and possibly lead singer, but definitely not bass*. The game really got kicked up when we switched to which rock star he most embodied.

*I ultimately took back the notion of him being a drummer, because I feel like he can be too refined for that — he’s got a wild-child side to him, but that’s when he’s doing his solos. He’s too much for a stately fellow to only be a drummer. (Sorry all drummers I know! You guys are crazy in the best of ways.) Continue reading

First Weekend With Our New Camera

8 Jul

shoes 3

The Friday after the 4th of July was the best mail day ever.  The first thing I tore into was my Platinum Vault package from Third Man Records. Nearly every Vault package has been spectacular, but I’d been especially looking forward to this package. A red & white, double live, vinyl set from a July 2003 White Stripes show in Chicago. Bundled with a red marble 45 and a book of photographs from the recording of Elephant that looked gorgeous, it’s my ideal tour from my favorite band.* A much smaller package contained a cheap, but surprisingly good, $6.39 pair of earbuds (highly recommended if you lose headphones as often as I do.) But for the biggest box of all, I knew I had to wait for Caitlin to get home from work to open**. I wasn’t about to start exploring our brand new camera without her, after we’d spent months agonizing over which one to get***.

*Not to mention, it’s the tour of Zack’s favorite album by his favorite band! Even though I asked that Zack pick a different record to play while we battled it out playing Sequence, I understood the perfection this package posed for Zack.

**Such a thoughtful move. Many kudos for waiting — I’m sure it wasn’t easy!

***We seriously agonized. We read reviews and asked our friends and crowdsourced answers online and looked at photos of photos and photos of cameras and finally settled on the Nikon Coolpix S9500. Continue reading

Scooby gets sick as a dog

17 Jun

scoobsickWe woke up all kinds of hungover Saturday morning, but pounding bottled water and some amazing Charles breakfast tacos helped what ailed us.  We laid around reading magazines and hanging out for a bit* and then all decided to get swimsuited up and headed down to the water. I blew up our tubes, loaded up my water gun and helped Caitlin down the rocky path to the lake**. We spent a couple hours drinking in tubes, floating around and loving life in the sun. Caitlin headed up about a half hour before me, but as I pulled on my sneakers to head back up, Caitlin yelled down from the porch “Zack! Get your shoes on. We have to go! Scooby’s sick!”

*And I had my first ever “Lady Beer,” aka champagne mixed with lemonade. Delightful.

**It was a treacherous path, but Zack did his best to assist. I got frustrated because he tends to move at a much quicker pace than I do, but I finally figured it out and made it into the water. Continue reading

One Year of Scooby

3 Apr

main picThere are times I feel like I can’t remember life before Scooby and at other times I can’t believe we’ve had him in our home for over a year*. I remember how nervous we felt when we brought him home, worried we wouldn’t be good enough dog parents, but as I’m typing this sentence, he just came in the rock garden and jumped up on the couch next to me, and curled up into a ball. It feels so natural sometimes, even if we do still worry about him**. We never take this dog for granted though. We always talk about how lucky we are that we found him and that he’s the perfect dog for us and I really do feel that way. He’s just the best.

*I love that Scooby makes Zack feel this way, because when we first started dating, Zack never let time get away from him – whenever I would marvel at how it could move both quickly and slowly, he’d just sort of shrug. I suspect kids will do the same thing to Zack, but exponentially more so.

**It really is a night-and-day difference. That first night, I feared for him like I would a little baby. I was concerned that he’d bump into something, eat something he shouldn’t, hurt himself somehow. Now I am far more relaxed and he roams the apartment free during the day – although I do still worry about him escaping.


From that first moment where he “chose” us by climbing into our laps and melting our hearts, to every day that we get to come home to a waggy puppy tail, Scooby has surprised us, brought us happiness and anxiety, and been a furry friend that filled a space we didn’t even know was empty. There have been some unexpected costs (see: cat bite, Zack’s feet) but we’ve been very lucky that he’s been a healthy, happy puppy for most of his life with us.

We wanted to look back at the last year of having him with a brief history in numbers and a big photo gallery with captions below.

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