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West Coast Trip 2016 Pt. 2 – Las Vegas

25 Jan

vegasfrontI had a few goals in taking Caitlin to Vegas for her first time. I wanted us to stay in a nice, clean hotel. I wanted to keep her away from the seedy areas of Vegas where guys hand out cards for prostitutes*. I wanted to eat and drink well and see a couple shows**. I wanted to make some $$ and have fun doing it. I’m happy to report we accomplished all this in our three days in Vegas.

*Like…business cards? I hope it’s that and not “drink ticket”-style:(

**He wanted ME to see a couple shows, while he gambled — which I was totally fine with. Continue reading


West Coast Trip 2016 Pt. 1 – Disneyland & Comedy in LA

21 Jan


This 10-day trip came about in a bit of a roundabout way. I’d been itching to make a Vegas run in early January with a work friend and meet Andy there*. Then my dad told us he had tickets with our names on them for Seinfeld in San Diego in January. After contemplating flying back and forth two weekends in a row, we decided to work through the holidays, save up some vacation time and make a long trip of it, spending a weekend in LA, taking a quick flight for three nights in Vegas and flying in to SD for some quality family time**. Everything worked out splendidly. We caught two comedy shows and a full day in Disneyland in LA, got our fill of Cirque du Soleil and gambling in Vegas and enjoyed Seinfeld and family time in San Diego before flying home to our Scooby. We’ll break down our trip in three parts, starting in L.A.

*Initially I was very much not invited, so I was planning on making a New York trip of my own to console myself.

**Zack really made it a point to ensure there were tons of activities I’d love, since he was worried I wouldn’t care for Vegas and just in general wanted me to feel relaxed and happy. Continue reading

Where Wurst is Best: Wurstfest, New Braunfels

19 Nov


People often ask me, why did you decide to study German in school, rather than French or (the far more geographically reasonable and useful) Spanish? Ultimately, it came down to two things that most middle schoolers would understand:  1. I wanted to be “different,” in what I assumed would be a cool way (I don’t know just go with it) and 2. I was a total daddy’s girl and my dad taught German and knew the language from having lived there, so I hoped it would bring me closer to him and make him proud. I have to say, it was a really good decision, because 16 years later, it’s the skill that got me a job at the company where I now work, and it may end up being my passport to bigger and better things later on (I’ll keep that vague at this point). It also allowed me to enjoy the yearly trek to Wurstfest in high school. I had never been, but was promised there would be beer and that we’d play Spades, so I was in.

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5 Years and Counting

26 Oct

IMG_0128I was trying to come up with a clever opening for this important post. I did Google searches for songs about fifth anniversaries and all I found was a depressing David Bowie track* and a really awful-looking musical. Oh, and this twee number from Noah and the Whale. Ok, that last is actually pretty cute — feel free to play as you read through the rest of this post. Anyway, Zack and I hit our 5 year anniversary from the day we met on October 10, and he took the occasion to surprise me with an amazing resort getaway for the weekend, and reminded me of just how lucky I am to have rode on his shuttle bus.

*This song fits a lot better in Rob Sheffield’s book about his wife who died after just five years together. 

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Dog Days of Summer 2015

24 Sep


It’s been a busy summer here at RLA headquarters, but for whatever reason* we haven’t been posting lately. We’ve been doing the same kinds of things we usually post about, traveling for a wedding, going to Schlitterbahn, drafting fantasy football teams together, getting surgery and flying to Kansas to visit Caitlin’s side of the family. But because of a mix of a lack of pictures, no “we gotta write about this” stories from our travels** and generally being busy, the only blue and pink we’ve been writing in have been a last round of wedding thank you cards. But after two of my oldest friends and RLA’s most dedicated readers, Jonathan and Danny, both asked when they’d get a new post on Tuesday morning***, I decided to wrap up the last couple posts in a quick hit mega post.

*Because it’s been TOO busy! I’ve been working 12 hour days and we’ve been on what feels like a billion flights. No downtime. But, we’re glad to have been out, livin’ life.

**I personally disagree. I mean, nobody got a tattoo or met a billionaire or anything, but we have some pretty great stories. See for yourself!

***Thanks for caring, guys:) Continue reading

Rock Love Honeymoon

5 Jul

drinks on beach

Our honeymoon really was exactly what we hoped for. We wanted a week to unwind, but also get some adventures in*. At any given time, we were usually doing one of two things: Relaxing in a hammock by the beach or pool, with a tropical drink and a book in hand or heading into the jungle or sea to meet the incredible wildlife of Belize. While we got to relax a ton, it was a great chance to get Caitlin out of her comfort zone to do things I doubt she thought she’d be comfortable doing**, like ride a tiny plane and jump off a boat to snorkel in the sea with sting rays.

*As we have shared with you here, we haven’t been great traditionally at taking “relaxing” vacations – we were used to rushing from place to place, trying to cram in as many experiences as possible. It was time to take it slow.

**Oh, I DEFINITELY thought I’d be terrified. Continue reading

Zack’s Dream weekend of Bulls & Jack White

30 Jan

bullsgameTwo nights of Jack White in Austin would have been enough to make a dream weekend for me. Getting to go on a road trip to Dallas with Caitlin was just spoiling me. My dear fiancé treated me to Bulls tickets as a Christmas present to go along with an awesome 90’s Bulls leather jacket. The dates fell just right so we could go to Dallas for Friday night’s Bulls game and get back for Saturday and Sunday Jack White shows. I was planning on running the 3M half marathon with Caitlin’s dad Sunday morning, but I’m still recovering from my broken foot, so the best we could do was go root Lance on as he ran the 13.1 miles in the cold by himself. It was a great, exhausting weekend and we weren’t even the ones running the half marathon. Continue reading