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Tom Hanks Project – “Joe Vs. The Volcano” Review

4 Mar

joe_versus_the_volcanoWe’d been hearing a lot about this one. You tell people you’re doing a Tom Hanks Project and they’ll tell you their favorites and ask if you’ve seen a hidden gem. “Joe Vs. The Volcano” kept coming up. It was the one Tom & Meg movie we hadn’t seen. A cult classic so popular it made the Alamo 100 list. We were confident we’d love this quirky, under-appreciated-in-its-time comedy. We loved the poster so much, it was in the lead to take over the space above the TV in the rock garden. All we had to do was watch it and fall in love with it. Well, we watched it and enjoyed it, but we didn’t fall in love, and it’s certainly not going to get the prime poster spot*.

*Still not sure what’s going to end up there — we’ve discussed “Big,” but as much as I LOVE Hanks, just a poster of his face isn’t that appealing to me. Continue reading