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Not “Love, Actually”

26 Dec

After a surprising number of friends recommended “Love Actually,” with no prompting, Caitlin and I watched it last night. It was entertaining enough, I suppose, and I rooted for the little kid and the aging rock star and laughed occasionally, but walked away turned off by the whole thing. I genuinely enjoy a good rom-com, and even some bad ones. I adored “Crazy, Stupid, Love” (and even teared up at times), I watched every episode of “Sex and the City” (most were good, except for the voiceovers of Carrie’s columns and the movie was horrendous), and I even own “When Harry Met Sally” (the best rom-com of all time) and “27 Dresses.*

*This will be expanded upon in a future Chanukah post, but needless to say, Zack raved on and on about this movie long enough, to the point where I called him on it in the form of purchasing him this DVD. 

I’m a romantic at heart, and enjoy a good love story. This was not a love story. This was billed on Amazon Instant as “The Ultimate Romantic Comedy.” Hardly. It’s moderately worse than “27 Dresses” and far worse than “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” When it was over, Caitlin actually looked at me and said, “You look disgusted.” I kind of was*This is a love story? This is the love story of the last decade that makes girls’ ovaries explode? There were half a dozen “love stories” in the film and I found nearly all of them to be nothing more than infatuation and puppy love at its best, and deplorable adultery at its worst**.

*Me too, quite frankly. I kind of felt depressed after the whole thing was over, not really uplifted or moved in any way.

**Not to mention — if you’re looking for an incredible, romantic ensemble-cast film, try “Paris, I Love You” instead. That, my friends, is a beautifully imagined group of love stories for you, presented in unique and breathtaking ways. Continue reading