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Purple Rain Ritas

9 Apr


When Caitlin realized that not only had I never seen Prince’s 1984 classic “Purple Rain,” but our music film loving friends Lisa and Eric hadn’t seen it either, we had to correct that immediately. And what a great occasion to make our first batch of purple prince inspired ‘Ritas. Lisa and Eric offered to host, cook dinner and project the movie on their wall. All we had to do was bring materials for, and make, the ‘Ritas. Our pleasure.

Prior to the movie, Eric cooked us all fresh and amazing fajitas consisting of tons of grilled veggies, grilled tortillas, and some great sides like beans, sour cream, and cheese to mix in. We also had chips with salsa and queso, and perhaps my favorite item, grilled corn on the cob, rolled in an amazing mayonnaise/sour cream/spicy mixture with chunks of parmesan on top. Mm, mm, good. Lisa also made some fresh frozen yogurt which Zack gave two very happy thumbs up to (I was still too full from dinner to participate in eating it). Lisa and Eric’s new daughter Bea gave us adorable smiles in between nomming time, and the whole family were gracious and fantastic hosts, as always.

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